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This is the first time it has done this. All lights come on everything else works just won't crank,

error coded P0174 and P0430

Dirt road caused a lot of problems in the past with the wiring harness.


No power on acceleration and would die in reverse.

need to replace flywheel

the serpentine belt just replaced last night but a/c compressor has seized up. I was told the compressor would cost at least $1000. is there a way to by pass the compressor with a shorter belt?

The a/c unit in the truck comes on blowing hard and will not turn down or off until the vehicle is switched off.

i put new brakes and lines left front brake keeps locking up

Engine Failsafe Mode came on after replacing the Throttle Position Sensor. What is wrong?

My mechanic told me a couple months ago that this would need to be done but I could wait. Now he's saying it really needs to be done and rear tires need replacing too. He says the cost for parts and labor will be $980 - just for the strut/springs, it looks like that price is a little high. I have used him for awhile and thought he was giving me fair prices but I don't know.

Today we noticed that they are open. We never opened them and there doesn't seem to be a switch or lever to close them. We can't find our owners manual. Its going to rain soon.

And smells like gasonly for a minute. Once going it sputtered and acts like it's going to die

I see everyone having the same problems I had with my 2003 Expd. Stalling, then cranking but not turning over. I changed my fuel pump, my battery, my fuel filter, and then I got some good info. The relay Fuse board in the Expeditions are somehow getting damp. The fuses when damp will burn up. I found a relay board and ordered a new fuel relay fuse. Luckily I knew a fellow who saudered my new fuse on and my truck started! I dont know how Ford is getting away with no recalling this fuse moisture issue. Good luck all. I hope I didn't confuse the hell out of Everyone.

When deceleration and stoping the engine does not shut off... is there a module on the transmission I can check?

We replaced all those parts and still no start I am getting a buzzing noise from the fuse box any suggestions on what the problem could be please help

I have water coming through the interior handle up by the windshield on the drivers side. I have checked tubing by winshield, all clear and connected. All door seals are in place and good. I just don't know what else to check for. Any help would be appreciated.

Need quoted for a transmission that is not allowing the vehicle to backup?

My tire wobbles really bad

Could it have delay switch it comes on after I'm driving for 5 minutes then it works till I cut engine and then you have to wait another 5 minutes

Dies when it rains don't wanna go up hill

Was told to replace alternator and replaced battery but the light remains

I was on my way to work stopped at a red light something popped I smell exhaust fumes and was missing really bad what it can it be

on freeway drives good until you get off freeway stop sign stops running.

99 Ford expedition 4.6, right above the starter

I'm just making sure I replaces it right. I take them off to fast,

If I do I get sparking at post and smoke at alternator

Starter making knocking noise

Replace headlight

The information screen was flashing door ajar, low pressure monitor fault. My radio and screen stopped working. Lift gate won't open. I pulled over and shut it off and now it won't shift from park.