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When accelerating the car seems to skip/stutter. It used to only do it on the freeway once in a while. It is more frequent now. The check engine light is on constantly. My husband thinks it's fuel injectors. How can we know for sure? How many are there? By researching on-line, it looks like it's something he could do with little knowledge car repairs?

After narrowing down my A/C problem it has come to this: Either my accumulator or my evaporator. I replaced the accumulator, evacuated and recharged the system and still have the same issue. The evaporator the blower blows on is NOT getting cold. Does this thing clog or something? AM I MISSING SOMETHING??? God bless all of those who help... It will be returned ten fold...:)

If the rear A/C coil is getting freon (cold lines) but the front A/C coil does not get cold, does this mean my accumulator is bad? while the truck is running, I run the air and it blows ice cold from the rear, but not from the front. I have checked the blend door and it is fine (electronic servo and pleasantly easy to access). I removed the blower motor and squirrel cage and stuck my hand in and touched the coil and it was not cold. I am assuming the reason the rear is cold is because the split off is before the accumulator. I feel like I am really close....Any help???

Can someone please tell me where the blend door is and how to get to it?

When I turn on the air conditioning, the rear ac blows ice cold but the front vents only blow warm air like just the vent is on. Trying to not spend a bazzillion dollars.. HELP??

My TCIL comes on and flashes after I have been driving for about twenty minutes and usually occurs as the transmission is shifting into fourth or fifth gear

I have a 2002 excursion and the abs light is coming on have had a p0720 and p0722 code have been told to check wiring from oss sensor to pcm need to know where pcm is located and if any other problem may resualt when abs light comes on truck will miss and speedo will drop and recover this happens a lot in cold mornings and had happened as on most mornings when starting truck.

engine light comes on. took it in to the dealer and was told that it was the transmission.

my excursion will not stop if i apply brakes and hit bump at same time.. also, if i apply brakes and hit a metal splice on a bridge or road, same thing happens... vehicle makes a noise and will not stop.. have to let off brakes and reapply.. is something wrong with calipers... brake pads are good. thanks

all windows work properly except the driver window.. will work first time in the morning but will not work rest of time. i used to slam door with button pushed and it would work.. now that does not even work.

i have replaced plugs wires(!) coil pack egr valve cam sensor crank sensor still on please help

All the time. System is full of freon.

This is happening all the time, took it to ford ac is full of freon.

ticking noise is not a exhaust leak, and usually comes after engine is warmed up or been driven. the noise comes and goes, not always there.

starts to make ticking noise usually after warmed up or has been driven. But is random, not always there.

My turn signals all of a sudden stopped responding when I press the arm by the steering wheel up or down. I checked all the fuses and relays and still nothing this is weird, Please Help!!! :(

i have a loose shifter and wont start in park, only nutral

I got my spark plugs changed on my 2003 ford excursion and now makes noises

but the crank can be pulled out from the oil pan thought right???

what kind of tools would i need? basically i need to kmow if I can do the job from the oil pan or if im going to need to pull the engine out???

so it is possible to do it from the oil pan? Is it difficult cuz I cant afford to take it to the shop so I am stuck doing it on my own. I was thinkin i could take the oil pan off and take off the rod bolts and push the piston up through the cylinder and take off the rod bearings, please let me know if thats the way to do it or maybe you can give me an idea on how to do it? thanks so much for any info I really need it thanks alot.

Replacing auto hubs w/mile markers 449SS manual hubs going to try install myself any tips or info would be great thanks.

i need to change my rod bearings and i was wondering if i could do it from the oil pan with the engine still in the vehicle. thanks

When I drive my truck on ANY slippery surface, the truck seems to fishtail (slightly). It also feels like only one (rear-right)tire is functioning. I'm wondering what may be the problem and an estimate of how much it will cost.

whatis the ignition/spark plug firing order for a 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 6.8 liter V10.

Check gauge appears and oil pressure gauge indicates zero intermittently when driving at speed and when stopped at a light.

I have a 2004 Ford Excursion, The running board lights, and the inter lights say on for about 10-15 min after the truck is turned off, The Alarm will not set. I have tried the WD-40 Trick in the door looks, Is there anybody that might know where to look at next. I don't have the money right know to take it to Ford to look at it. Please Help....

when i first start it wont idle but when it warms it will only idle at about 500 rpm there is also no engine light lit up to pull a code any suggestions?

compass and miles per gallon and trip mileage display not working. checked all fuses

What are the possible problems that this indicator could be sensing or is it likely that it's just a sensor?