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Transmission problem. Its leaking a little bit, but its also not loosing any fluid. You can smell a little burnt smell coming from under the hood. And The car "slips" and Has trouble in the lower gear range (10-40 Mph) Is it just the Transmission in general? Or is there something else going on?

Car starts but 2nd cylinder not firing.

I have to pump the gas and hold the gas down to get it running, once it starts its fine. I have replaced the fuel injectors, plugs,coil pack, vacum hoses, plug wires, etc..

constant problem

The car will start rough and it idles even rougher with a clacking sound coming from the left side of the engine. As soon as I put it in gear it shuts off. If I immediately attempt to start it again it doesn't want to turn over without pumping the gas pedal.

It started this morning when I turned my wheel to turn. Now it keeps going on and off. Does it have to do with the all brake systems

48k original miles, regular oil changes, 12 yrs old.

Smelled burning rubber, speedometer stopped working. Shut off car cooled down all day & when restarted & started to drive Ck Engine lite on STEADY. HOW TO FIX?

my obd ii gave me a po457 code but i cant find the part

Automatic wagon

had oil on them. What's the problem?

Can you press fit new poles through the back of the hub of one of the old ones brakes?

Well guys my old car recently i change the alternator and the battery of my car and months later i start to get a failure with charging warning light turning on and off while driving. then yesterday i was cheking the alternator cables to see if they are okay and accidetally i pulled a thing orange cable that is together with the alternator plug cable, and now my car is draning the batterie and showing the charging warning light. I trying to figurate out where in the alternator this cable is going sow i can know if is that cable is the problem or not . Thank 4 the answer.

Leading up from the tie rod there is a ball and joint connection and when you push it in, it leaks a great amount of liquid. How do I replace that seal? Is there anything else I need to replace?

My car started spitting and sputtering, and hardly goes, and then it will take off, it also started cutting out when I put my car in reverse. Please Help

it runs rough and when im driving it will misfire all the time and then sometimes ill be driving and it starts to die, ill let go of the gas and press it again but it starts die again. like the gas is flooding it or something. and if im idling ill turn the air conditioner on and it will die within minutes.

What is the corm and where would I find it air comes out of the vents. My car is a 2001 ford escort zx2

Check engine light is not on. Doesn't run hot but
fan for heater, defroster and air isn't working either. At times when you have trouble giving it gas it makes a very
loud noise.

We have a person working on our car & they where wondering if my car had a interference engine & they could not find where the knock sensor go at on my car?

fuzes all checked only issue is a wire that looks like it had plugs on it, thats directly under steering column, thats black, black/green stripe, heavy gauge, no where visible to plug it into...

I replaced the engine of 1999 ford escort @ 163,000 miles. after correcting initial timing problem, I started it up. the check engine light and several fuses blew out and smoke came from the dashboard . the radio, windshield wipers , and turn signals will not work.

Can this be a faulty fuel pump or clogged fuel filter. Or can this be electrical?