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What tiny bit trickles out is warm, but not even enough flow for defrost. The fan sounds like it is still working, but the flow is cut off. The box under the glove box freezes over (frost can be scraped off of it).
How much should it cost to get a new alternator for my 1997 Ford Escort? Also, should I get credit for the old alternator?
Have Valve train noise at 56,000 miles, engine oil and filter changed, drove about 70 miles have ticking noise that comes on at higher engine speeds, such as just before the auto trans 1-2 shift or above 45 MPH at constant throttle, letting off the accelerator ticking goes away, comes back as accelerated. car sat for about 6 yrs before this. Hard to get ticking noise just free reving engine with hood up have to rev engine to high rpm. Engine is quiet at idle and smooth. The ticking noise doesn't always come in at the the same speed and is louder some times. Have valve cover off, can't see any broken or loose. pieces, checked with magnet, nothing. Tried pushing down lifter end of rocker arms with engine at idle, all made about the same noise, only one a little more took rocker and lifter out nothing visable. If I remove all rockers can I measure the overall height of valve/retainer/spring to determine if the valve seats have moved or sunk? THKS

This substance has been leaking for quite awhile and the weird thing is this the vehicle just sits in the driveway for more than a year without being moved that is driving me nuts becomes I can't figure this out please help.
it has not worked since ive had the car. I used to have heat but now it doesnt even blow out.
you can feel heat coming from vents when driving but it wont blow out
Screws securing heat shield appear rusted, breakable.
For a Ford Escort 1994, 1.9L
Last week my car broke down on the parkway. I found out the water pump had broke. Had timing belt and water pump replaced. Since then, having a problem when starting the car. It's ok when first starting for the day, but once I am driving and then make a stop, when I turn on the car again it starts for a few seconds, then cuts out, then goes back up again. Also when driving 50 mph or more it stalls a bit sometimes, but not all the time.

I went back to the mechanic who had replaced the water pump and timing belt. He said the air temperature sensor was broken, and it might have given mixed signals to the engine. He replaced the air temperature sensor, but the problem with starting the car is still there.

Do you have any ideas on fixing this problem? I am not confident about the mechanic I'm using. I paid an extra $80 for the air temperature sensor and it hasn't fixed anything. Thank you for any answers you can provide.
My mechanic said he refueled it but I have come to find out that he's very dishonest so I really don't know if that was done or not.
The steering wheel will turn with the car started. YOu can push the button in on the gear shifter but it wont move. It is an automtic tranny. Was working just fine before the oil change. Any suggestions?
the passengerside is receiving power and works fine
is there a fuseable link?
or fuse box that has blown a fuse to cause this
or is the ignition bad?
The bar that connects rear frame and axle moves up and down on the passenger side and shows shiny around where it would set over the bushing. It has a bolt that runs through the frame end and mounts over a bushing, what is it called and how hard is it to replace? It shakes over about 25-30 miles an hour and doesn't feel safe to drive.
Have looked in my repair manual and cannot find it.
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