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Check coolant light has been on for a while. Jiffy Lube said the sensors can be sensitive on my car model. Just had oil change recently, fluids topped off. 2 days ago in the morning my car was chugging and then I filled the gas and it was better. Today my car almost broke down on the parkway - made it to a mechanic, he said the coolant was low so he topped it off and then it rode better for a while. Took it to another mechanic more local since he mentioned the car should be winterized. Just had the antifreeze changed for 50 bucks, now a few hours later the check coolant light is on the dashboard again. So frustrated, any suggestions, please help. Thanks.
while driving,the wheel shakes
I went to open the hatch and the handle popped and now it wont move, I think the rod snapped or the handle broke.It wont open from the inside either.
the name of the part inside the shifter that houses the spring i know that its a upper and lower part
Replaced Compressor, Dryer, and CCRM. Refrigerant full, clutch is not engaging. Anything? We are stumped. Power is getting to clutch.
Engine new 20k,has new start solenoid,ignition switch,computer,fuel pump. Battery 1 1/2 years..checks perfect.Just tried changing alarm change.I used to put into neutral when driving and running out of power ,shutting it off and restarting..power restored. Can't now because sometimes it won't even click.Sensors check out.Small current to solenoid wire even when key is off?? Why?Starter checks perfect out of the car.Please guessing please.
i plug in the code reader to the dlc connector then they start working how do i solve this
i have replaced the idle control twice and i am still getting the code for the idle control, what is still keeping the engine light coming on,as both of these parts are new and put on very clean please help as i am on disibilty and can not a ford to getting a Mackinac to fix it thanks 9782276556 ken
It started after I filled the gas tank on saturday 12-24-11. The car was working fine I drove it to work with no problem now whenever I start the car its fine then once it is sifted in to drive or reverse it starts shaking and shuts off. This also happens when sitting at a light.
this is on a 4-eat-f transaxle
when i turn on defroster nothing happens
where is the cheapest place to have the timing chain replaced?
Doesnt matter if it is warm or cold. Really hard to even get to 35mph.
the diagnosis said : open or shorted solenoid. or open or shorted circuit condition
could you please tell me what the problem maybe. It just will no go out of park
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