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He already tried to repair what he thought was a vacuum leak in the Y hose.
What's the best price I could get away with on a replacement transmission?
Just replaced a new horn on my 1997 ford escort and it wont shut off. What do I do?
is there a relay that needs to be replaced, if so where would it be located?
I need to know the toe in
Camber and caster degrees
I don't have it pule cause it wounld cut off or true on can it be the senser we did try all senser but can't found the one to the fan.
I checked the fuses, they are ok
It does this everytime i drive it takes forever to get up tp speed
changed 40a fuse checked for current at connector to fan nothing,i have current in fuse box where the 40a fuse go. what's next? Been looking for the relay have not found it might be looking in wrong place.
Where is the location of the pcv valve.
It only happends when I turn on the ac
insert the key, feels like a dummy ignition switch with no resistance when moving from acc, start, like spinning free all the warning lights are on and the remote won't lock/unlock nor open the trunk. no difficulty in inserting key or removing I am sure it is a mechanical issue, not an electrical one, new battery 3 months ago
Is ball joints a repair and/or replacement issue? Does your website have a detailed visual and explanation on this maintenance issue? If not, where can you refer me. Thank you!
We replaced the battery and the black box has to be hooked
up or car won't start, Is this just a ground ? And can we just
run the wires from it straight to battery since the box is broke?
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