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The brakes seem to be working fine.
Driven down road tree limb fell put a dent on top passanger real panel of escape right above window it didnt dance roof luckily just on the out side
Driving and just died. Won't start but sounds like it will, won't turn over.
when starting the car the ignition light and the fuel cap light light on permanently, the suv runs well, so far.
machine said to replace ignition coil A but not sure which one that is
When I turn my key over nothing happens. There is no noise, it doesn't even try to start. The battery is new. For the past few months before it died the open door light and the dome lights would come on while I was driving. I was can't lock my car because the alarm will go off. The only way I can get it to start is if I hold the battery wires together for 10 secs and then hook them back up. Please help.
When I start my Escape, it makes a strange sound, and the sound persist when I turn my steering wheel. After a while it stops. Also, my oil change light is used to light up, but it doesn't anymore. The strange sound it makes when I turn the wheel happens daily. Thanks, hope this helps.
lift gate will not open. sounds as though motor is malfunctioned
That is ALL of the detail! At how many miles should brake fluid be replaced?
Check Engine light came on. Had it checked at Auto Parts and came back with 5 repair codes.
Where do we start
charged system up
Hello I have a 02 escape same problem with all these questions about when it rains it runs like crap I have changed all coils fuel rail injectors plugs and harness for plugs and injector all vacuum lines etc checked for broke wires in pcm harness can't find the problem please someone help me it's real bad under load
Does it have something to do with
Idle senor as well
Coolant Reservoir and Thermostat have been replaced. Still overheats and will not start for hours after shutdown.
i'm taking it for door latch recall,can this be done in one day?
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