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i have checked fuses and switch
what does it cost to replace the undercarriage. I had a flat tire and the jack slipped and punched a hole in the undercarriage
Check engine light on. Codes for all four o2 sensors and evap purge control valve. Replaced all with factory parts and reset codes with tool from pep boys. Light is still on and same 5 codes are coming up. Ran the car 70 miles and tested again. Same codes are showing
whenever a door is opened, exterior & interior lights come on, & STAY on as long as the
door(s) are open. I'm told there is a switch on the ceiling console, but there is none.
The manual matches my console, ie no switches. I need to be able to leave the door(s)
or tailgate open w/out the lights being on.
How do you repair the Rack and Pinion steering gear on a 1996 Ford Explorer 8 cyl. It is very difficult to turn the wheel at a very low speed when trying to park?
Cruise control not working, can not find a fuse in fuse box labeled for,cruise. Do you have any suggestions as why it does not work. Thanks
my Ac stopped working and they had to replace the fuse with higher amps than what was in before
I have Ford Escape hybrid 2011. Sometimes it loses power while driving and when it loses power it makes steering get little harden And also losing smoothness of car movements Like all the shocks are getting weak and not working as it supposed to. But sometimes it comes back normal and almost everything runs normal. It happens often. I did cleaned throttle body and changed all the spark plug and test the diagnostic test but no codes and checked the battery and cleaned the hybrid battery in rear end . It did help little bit by doing all those but still it happens often. Only I didn't change is coolant fan coz sometimes left side fan is not working properly.
we bought the car with 4,000 miles on it.. ford says change every 10,000 the warning will come on dash. I just wonder if I should change since oil is 2+ years old reguardless of milage
on the screen it was saying Battery saver and looked like it was loading??
What seems to make the problem better or worse? certain things coming across the screen. Hill Assist not on. I was not even on a hill Battery Saver coming across screen
How long have you had this problem? this weekend
this all started yesterday, I had just left my house then 10 mins later I look down and temp gauge was in the red. I pulled over and popped the hood but the motor didn't seem hot and the coolant was full. I let it sit for about 15 mins and got home as fast as I could, the gauge was registering hot, so i pull over, check engine again and it still didn't seem hot. so i let it sit for a bit longer then i had to get it home, i had my kids in the car and we were only about 1.5 mi from home, so i got there as fast as i could, i came to the last stop light before my house and noticed a lot of white smoke coming from the hood, finally got it home, popped the hood and there was coolant everywhere!!! it had 170k miles on it when I bought it and I'm not sure if the serpentine belt had ever been changed. i guess my question is, " since the serpantean belt broke, what are the chances that the water pump and thermostat are shot to?"
What seems to make the problem better or worse? this happened suddenly, i havent driven it since
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
The check engine light is on, but not blinking. It also has a hard start at times. The code that read says catalytic converter and also a misfire on bank 2 where they're saying is the number 4 plug. At first when I start it and pull away after sitting all day at work for example it makes like a rattling noise underneath. I had one mechanic tell me it doesn't sound like either of the two problems that the code reader is giving me. Can anyone help me?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Better when on the gas driving, shift great and all
How long have you had this problem? One month.
where or what are the next things i should look for to find to repair?
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