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Want to know if there has been a recal on these 2 problems with the 03 Ford escape being i just purchased this car 2 months ago?
While driving its ok just when it'd stopped in drive. It vibrates, shakes.
In park iys ok
had it towed it does not respond to moving shifter....why? no warning signs- don't see anything hanging like linkage ect.....
Lights flash on dash and speakers go crazy. If its dark out headlights flash with everything else like power serge. I'm afraid cars gonna die. Nobody can tell me what's wrong with it yet. It mainly does it after sitting in drive thrus or at stop light for over two minutes. It happens almost everyday now.
It feels like it hesatates when i put my foot on the gas it keeps saying service soon
alarm keeps randomly going off door ajar intermittenly going on along with dome light
Brake pedal going down very low to floor, no loss of brake fluid, no leakage of fluid can be seen in ground
its almost like its chokeing,not geting the air intake it needs.
Broke for a deer now the brake pedal goes to the floor and I put in 2 pints of brake fluid.
Hello, I have an issue with my car, I have a shutter at highway speeds, specifically 60 mph. This started after I had a 180 degree spin out at 70 mph. My car hit the curb on the passenger side and I'm pretty sure that both pass anger side tires hit at about the same time. I slid up over the curb and off the highway. I have had this shutter since then and I am trying to figure out what it is. I would prefer to self diagnose and fix since it will be far cheaper unless I don't have the tools. Thanks in advance.
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