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Hi guys I'm trying really hard to figure out what's wrong with my car ive had it parked for about a month now and haven't been able to get it up and running..okay here's my issue my Car currently has electricity ex: windows locks lights ac and radio. The lights on the dash are all on and my odo reads ----- when the ignition is off it reads my current milage which is 155299 i had a friend connect a computer to read what codes would come out but he said it read error no ecu but I had just replaced it and also replaced my starter motor,battery,fuses,coils,spark plugs, ignition key,etc the only thing I haven't changed is the wiring car doesn't make any clicking noises at all.I don't hear anything when I try and start it up..I haven't been able to find what the problem is.if anyone has delt with this type of problem please let me know!
Within the past 6 months this Escape has broken 3 belt tensioners. The first shop replaced the tensioner and broken bolt. The second time I took it to the Ford dealer in Statesboro, GA emphasizing that I wanted this fixed not to have to deal with it again.

Within 2 months its broken again and a second dealership is telling me the Front Cover should be replaced.

i feel like they're grasping at straws and I don't have the patience or money to have the same repair fixed repeatedly.

I'm now an ex-ford fan...
This vehicle has been a nightmare, I've replaced the fan, main fan relay fuse, thermostat, cleaned out my catalytic converters because the exhaust pipes were turning orange/red hot. I am still fighting to figure out why it's idling so high. When in park it isles near 4rpm, when in drive it will go 25-30mph all on its own. I've been throwing money at it left, right, and sideways. ....can anyone help? ?
This just started happening about 4 mos ago...I bought the car brand new in 2002 . It is a 5 speed.
A/C blows cold when engine ideling but when on the road traveling turns to very warm or hot, tested the pressure and says full, by the way it's one of those that come with a can help !!
Vehicle developed a strong sputtering from a standing start through all acceleration and demand. Mechanic said things are jazzed up on top portion of engine. Yet , reading this forum makes me think it may be the coils gone bad.
Did a vehicle health report and said it was engine/emissions failure. Thought my fuel pump was bad. Listened for loud or erratic sounds when I turned key to aux position and sounded fine. Checked air filter and it was pretty dirty so I knocked a bunch of the debris out. Put back in and the engine light turned off. Could that have really have been the problem?
w/ the loud bang
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