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There is a smell as if plastic is burning...the passenger airbag light is not staying on anymore and the OD light came on once
Should I fix it, dealer says it will cost about $2000, or am I going to start having more problems, and go for a new car?
How do I fix a broken gas pedal I'm pulled over and I want to know will I make it home and it's to the floor and how do I get it fixed Mazda tribute
My car clicking door l8cks by its self while driving like iam pushing button. Why what would cause this ty
Code B1676 is showing when coded. The ABS control module is bad. I would like to know where it is located on my 2001 Ford Escape and how I can replace it.
When I ask for directions on my IPhone, my phone talks to me when in my house but not when in my car. When I am in other cars it does talk to me. I have been told the bluetooth volume needs to be turned up but I am not sure how to do this. When I get a call on my phone while driving I have hands free excess to my phone and the volume is good.
My car has locked me out of it when I leave it running and the door shuts
My brake pedal was going to the floor, bled the brakes, replaced pads, rotors and all fuil lines and also master cylinder, and now brake booster but the new ones pedal rod is too short and brake light stays on. Anything suggestions on how to fix?
Replaced the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, clutch kit and flywheel Put truck on interstate now truck popping out of gear.
Doesn't make any noise when I turn the key except radio, lights etc turn on
After first or second attempt I wait for a second or 2 then it starts right up
Fixed vacuum leak car won't stay running
My car coolant started overheating and smoke started coming out from the hood, it seem to be jerking a little when it’s driven
My Defrost and a/c is no longer working on 2007 Ford Escape XLT v6. One day it was working, and the next morning when I started the car and attempted to use the heater I got nothing on 1, 2, 3, or 4! I switched over to a/c, then max a/c and still got nothing but still air and complete silence!! I have had no prior problems with this happening, and didn't hear any weird or abnormal noises coming from behind the dash leading up to this or since it stopped working!! I'm not sure if it helps but when I press my rear defrost button the light comes on the dash and it works fine. My son was in a hurry the other day when he looked, but said he checked all the fuses/relays related to this and none of them were burnt out or bad that he found. I would like to check for myself just to be sure, so I was wondering if someone could walk me through the process of elimination on this, and/or tell me what the problem is or could be ASAP!! P.s.- Weather man is calling for rain in the next couple days, so i will need my defrost to see!!!! Thank You, Tami!!
i have checked fuses and switch
what does it cost to replace the undercarriage. I had a flat tire and the jack slipped and punched a hole in the undercarriage
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