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at about 80 mph when going up a hill the vehicle has a slight miss or surging almost like its fighting the wind.
I have a 2005 Ford Escape 6 cylinder AWD and am changing the transmission fluid. I've seen the drain plug near the front, 7/16 socket needed, under the rubberized skid plate described. Mine has the plug near the rear, recessed plug where you only need a racket and no socket similar to the 2001 model. Is this normal for a 2005? Did they change the position of the plug during the 2005 year?
Also, I've seen five quarts of Mercon V recommended for a darn and fill. I've also hear this is a bit too much and 4 quarts is better. In the service manual, it says 10.2 quarts. I added five ran it shortly and it's over the fill mark. suggestions?
I asked if they would be able anything else that might be going wrong with my vehicleon the way down. Replied all looked good. I'm taking that my engine might be in good shape. He said dismantling the truck that much he wouldve noticed something wrong. Is that correct? Truck runs great now.
72,000 miles
i have replaced the LF wheel bearing 4 times in less than 6 months. now the vehicle is 4WD but dont think that it would mater.
Trying to change out the third coil pack
the problem just started. Is it serious?
2004 Ford Escape XLS 6cyl. 4 wd. When i apply any pressure on gas pedal whether in town or freeway the rpms shoot up then come down. I changed tranny fluid and add a qt. of Lucas no slip but it still does it. I'm hoping i don't have to replace transmission. Bad coupling? What could the problem be? I never turned off OD when driving in town until recently. Could that have done damage? HELP
also what would be wrong if the cruise control, if you can set it then shuts itself off
I get in my car and when I brake for the first couple of times it seems my ABS brakes are on. It has that pumping feeling. The ABS light is on and stays on. After a times of braking, the pumping feeling is gone and it feels like normal braking. Whats happening?
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