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2005 Ford Escape hybrid
2005 Escape Hybrid. Recall on fan has been done. Other possible problems?
How long have you had this problem? Working fine until this message and then shutoff.
I need the car to get up to operating temp but the engine keeps turning off and gong into battery mode I need know how to stop it from going into battery mode
Car drives fine, no warning lights. System check says everything is fine.
I bought it n they said they put in a different transmission n now it won't stay running it starts n dies right away
I have a 2007 Ford Escape hybrid with 9400 miles. I am wondering if there is an average mileage amount that this hybrid battery usually dies or need to be replaced?
Hybrid electric engine is not functioning at low speed or when stationary
This 2.5 L Atkinson-cycle engine is paired to el. Motor and HV-batteries
We had issues with the engine shutting down and getting the message to "Stop safely now" so we took it in and had the cooling pump replaced under the recall but the problem is still happening. We have 2 things that come up 1 is " hot engine temperature" then "stop safely now" will come on when trying to drive more then 30 minutes. We can't use the air or take to many hills or it happens more often and we live in FL where it's extremely hot and has a lot of bridges :/ any idea what it could be is it possible that we got a bad part?
It started last night, whenever I apply pressure to the gas pedal, the underside makes a chirp, the slower i go, the slower the chirp is. Is it a dry U joint? Or is it a tattle tale brake? When I am in park or neutral and rev the engine it does not chirp.
I was charging my a\c compressor and then I heard a clicking sound with a burnt smell. My a\c is no longer operating at a cold capacity.
This problem has only hapoened once ive had no problem before this with it going into gear
I took my 2005 Escape Hybrid in for diagnostic and was told that the throttle body needs replacement base on the codes they found. They also said it would be $900+ and I'm somewhat skeptical of this being mechanically capable I'm digging around about it. This relates to the vehicle not having much power when stepping on the gas, and the engine revving when I do but going nowhere...also the gas mileage has dropped to 24 from 33 a few years ago.
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