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pinion nut torque specification for a 1998 ford econoline 350 v-10 engine.
Car stalled like ran out of fuel but full tank. No starter. Turn signals and break lights not flashing or break lights on all the time even with key off.
When starting the E 350 it's taking multiple key turns, to start the motor. The actual starter seems to be just fine.
I don`t know if its posible to change the head gasket o the valve cover gasket without remove the engine.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It´s worse when the engine is warm
How long have you had this problem? A few month
When I want to change the head gasket o the valve cover gasket have I to remove the engine of my Ford E-350
At 50 mph without any load such as aircon the engine does not overheat. Increasing the speed above 55 mph I can drive for about 15 miles by which time the engine starts overheating. No noise of a slipping fan belt. Could the aircon belts be worn?
I was driving and lost power as if I let off the gas for a second them it drive normal, this happened a few times before I got home and it died costing in. Now it won't fire. I replaced the fuel filter and pump but still won't start even with starter fluid.
Engine rolls over and starts but does not stay running. Happened for the first time 2 days ago. Vehicle not operating.
The unit quit running after we put 10 gallons of gas in the unit it started was the unit out of fuel the gauge works.
how do the floor latches work?
Engine dies when idling when driven for awhile then hard to restart. Will restart after it sits and cools.
new engine was put in, ever since the front heat doesn't work. it has 2 rear heaters and they work great. this is a transit bus.
e smoke on accellerating,then losing power as spark plugs get fouled. then black acrid smoke from tail pipe.$4000.00 in unsuccesful repair attempts.can anyone diagnose this problem? built in diagnostics inop!
You can hear and feel the blower but there's no air flow in the roof or vents in the ceiling
It goes in reverse and won't go forward
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