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Looks like coolant contaminated the oil. One minute it was fine, next it was kicking then seized completely. How much is a typical engine replacement? The van was only $1600 but I just put over $2K into it in brake and axle work. Trying to decide to keep it or get rid of it.
fan works air only comes out defrost are, no air out of vents
A lot of body lot a body movement moving lot a Body
I replace the IAC and it's still giving me the same code. Now it's starting to run a little bit rough and like losing power I've changed everything that I can think of air filter fuel filter. I am baffled needing some help to figure out what is wrong with my van
new motor / new resister . only runs on low.1-2-3 does not efect motor speed
Change the master cylinder. But this happens again. Van goes to a complete stop does not move forward or backwards. Is the booster bad
abs light on contant and transmission shifting problems
transmission sometimes slips causing engine to race. code error show po-706 and po-707
Just bought it a week ago, and just today the breaks started to stick while in reverse, not any other time.
Transmission shifts good 1 2 3 4 but on 5th gear it starts jerking and struggling to go up little Hills so I have to put it on Overdrive
My Ford Econoline 350 triton v8 seems to start mis firing while going up inclines at highway speeds , it's a high mile van 328,000 plus miles , it has no starting or idling issues , fuel mpg is around 18 _20 which is bout the same from 150,000 miles ago , any ideas what can cause the uphill sputtering ?
pinion nut torque specification for a 1998 ford econoline 350 v-10 engine.
Car stalled like ran out of fuel but full tank. No starter. Turn signals and break lights not flashing or break lights on all the time even with key off.
When starting the E 350 it's taking multiple key turns, to start the motor. The actual starter seems to be just fine.
I don`t know if its posible to change the head gasket o the valve cover gasket without remove the engine.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It´s worse when the engine is warm
How long have you had this problem? A few month
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