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Can i fit a larger battery tray and battery from a 95 to better suit my needs
are these the options:
1>new insert without removing head but "gluing"
2. new insert removing head for better access and fix
3> replace the head
4 replace the engine
getting the old one out of the firewall, and new one in is my concern.
Truck was running good. Bled lines could not get fuel pressure up. Changed HPFP and low pressure. Truck still won't start.
Pulled truck to change oil and fuel filters. I did get air into lines but we have since bled. Could not get fuel pressure up. Replaced low and high pressure pumps. Now we can't get truck to start. My Machanic is ford certified. We can only get 270-300 psi on computer. Any suggestions ?
New battery cables, new starter, new gas tank, new in-tank fuel pump, new fuel pump, new solenoid, new fuel filter, new computer, new ground wiring, no codes, new serpentine belt, new distributor. Alternator is good. Problem happens every time after about 15 miles. OBD1 codes show "no codes."
Battery is brand new, cabls are clean and tight. It starts fine when cold. After a long trip it drags like it doesn't want to start. After it cools down it starts up fine.
i havent driven it. I'm thinking it about purchasing it tomorrow. i just want your best opinion.
I have grease on my brakes.
I have replaced the maf the oxygen sender on bank 2 and the down stream and the coil pack for cylinder 6
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