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I have a 1987 Ford E250 4.9L 6 cylinder with no spark misfire. I tested for spark off the distributor cap post. No spark for cylinders 5 and 6. I adjusted timing 60 degrees forward and moved wires forward, miss moved to cylinders 1 and 3. I changed distributor and set to original timing, the miss persisted on 5 and 6. New wires, plugs, cap, rotor, two different distributors and problem persist. do you have any suggestions?

I put gas additive in it and used supreme gas. It was ok until now, March! Only happens once in a while. The ford dealers said I had a 1000 dollar repair of a fuel pump and that there was no way to tell if it was the problem a head of time!..Ouch

We got a new Stainless Steel tank for Aero Tanks
Was easy to install myself, just thought everyone should know. It cost a bit but I will not have to worry about it any longer.

I own a 1991 Ford E250 Cargo Van - The transmission will not engage in gear to go forward, reverse works fine, I've dropped the pan replaced the oil filter I've added Trans X and still will not engage in any of the gears to drive forward , only reverse works. is there any quick fix for this ? maybe a vacuum line or a possible linkage problem ?
The transmission started disengaging when I would come to a stop I would have to rev up the engine to engage the transmission , until one day it just stopped and would not engage. Thanks

Van runs for about 30 to 45 mins. Before overheating..sometimes longer

both catalyst and evaporative monitors are not setting.
vehicle has been driven several hundred miles, and has not
had the battery die during a recent time. vehicle also has
no check engine light or pending codes. was unable to find any information on if this is a common problem with this make/model vehicle.

My ford van has a crack in the block due to freezing up in cold weather,The crack is on the outside only and coolant is not getting in the oil ,it still runs good The crack is behind the starter and is leaking coolant is it possible to weld or jb weld the crack for a temporary fix,until I can find another motor?

Have not even found the plug wires on this. don't know anything about it. I can see the engine has in head cams because of the cam covers on each head. Alt. is in center of eng. and it is a V8 by the size of it. Runs rough I know it needs tune up. no knock or smoke.

Number 5 is misfiring

Motor mount is there

you can open it or lock/unlock from inside, but cannot get the door open from the it likely that just the cable is broken or disconnected or the actuator? these are manual locks. help!

Just bought it. Has been sitting for about 4 years,owner had replaced Push rods,fuel filter.. Van was completely out of gas.bone dry. Could it be injecters clogged? What's easiest way to clean them? Also anyone know what the fuel pressure should read for that van?

rr shoes and drums, rr wheel cylinders and bleeding system,frt brake rotors, frt brake calipers

RR brake shoes
rear brake drums and brake fluid rear wheel cylinders
Ceramic front pads
frt brake rotors and front brake calipers

Engine size V* 5.4L 4spd/TA RWD

Please send a quote

is there a switch control to operate heat or AC for the back

i have a Ford E 250 99 my problem is the heat or AC and the horn does not work when I bought the truck the owner told me that if I'm running the heat or AC not to use the horn because it will blow a Fuses. so i change the switch on the heater to control the high and low and still no heat I checked all the fuses and they were good so what I'm trying to find out is why I can't used both of them the same time.