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Replaced tie rod. Ball joint seems stable, but won't take grease.
changed coil wires, coil pack, plugs, air filter....problem was happening before these repairs and after the repairs had been made...happens every time I drive
Thing runs decent but kills a battery while goin down the road lights flicker but it runs at an idle with positive cablw off of battery so that tells me the alternator is workn or it would die rite?
the speedometer doesn't go beyond 30 mph
My vehicle will not start,no fuel pump pressure. No power to the #7 fuse,anyone know what to do?

After freezing night started up easily, drove to station (10 min.), Temp. gage shot from cold to overheat just as I pulled to pump. Shut off, pumped gas, tried to start, turned over easily but no fire. Towed home, drained water and oil - no water in oil or oil in water. Removed plugs and found moisture on 3. Changed plugs & oil, tried to start - no fire again??
Van won't start only clicks new battery already.
Had high idle 37mph down the road! I replaced the throttle position sensor and idles properly now, sounds great, installed new battery that night. Ran for 3 days sat for 2 days in below freezing weather. Finally started by pushing on and off the gas pedal and a continuous forward on the key. Made an awful noise trying to start as I kept forward on the key. I know everything I didn't want to do but at least it started. I let it run in the drive for 20 minutes. Drove in and out of the driveway and I turned of with the key. Immediately I tried to start it back up and only a click at the solenoid. I next replaced the starter at the flywheel just clicks at the solenoid by battery. Replaced the solenoid behind the grill still just clicks at the solenoid and I also heard another click from somewhere on the passenger side, not sure if it slicked prior to replacing the starter? Maybe it is the starter solenoid on the starter itself or is there a relay or something I need to look at on the passenger side? I read 12 volts through my analog test meter. Did I do something to harm an electrical connection? I need help getting the starter to spin I believe I have a good butt joint connection to the new starter from my ignition cable. The wire with a butt joint connector came with the new starter and I made a fresh cut to join it to the car wiring.
Van has front and rear heat. Need to replace all of the hoses. Parts store says it takes 5/8 and 3/4 inch hoses.Need to know how long each one is (does one go to the back and the other from back to front?)Also, I can't remember the name of it, but it's the metal tubing that is part of the hose. Do you know what it is called and if possible what size is it? Dealer doesn't carry this part anymore, and I need to make one ( or two). Thanks
we replaced the coil twice,sparkplugs,rotary bug and cap. Was running great, turned it off now wont start again
When I brake the pedal goes to the floor. Puddle of brake fluid under steering. Need ballpark cost to fix.
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