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EGR causing 4.2L Engine to shake ??
2000 E150 4.2L V6 (146,000 Miles)

The EGR system starts working when coolant sensor says 115 F then at 1950 to 2050 RPM engine starts to shake like a front loader washing machine!!! In Drive the most in Park a little.

Changed the EGR valve, DPFE sensor and EGR control solenoid. Checked voltage to DPFE bottom wire (Ref) 5 vdc but top wire (Sig) fluctuates between 1.05 vdc and 1.8 vdc with different throttle positions. (I thought its suppose to be between 5.0 vdc and 6.0 vdc but that would be impossible with a 5 vdc supply) If I disconnect the vacuum hose to egr valve and plug it or if the coolant temp is below 115 F the van doesn't shake.

We checked the EGR tube and vacuum hoses all ok. Secondary butterfly valves open fine at correct RPM. New Spark plugs, wires and coil. Had our mechanic run scanner and tests, not a thing showing. When the DPFE sensor was changed on first startup it threw a 1401 code. But never did it again. No air leaks on egr valve gasket, checked all wiring connections, checked everything but vacuum reserve tank.

WE HAVE NO CLUE WHATS WRONG. runs GREAT at Idle. with and without EGR connected. Need help. Thanks
first time this happened
Fuel gauge is not working and I'm trying to diagnose the problem
How long will I make it? I just put a random model in.
How much to replace left back bumper including labor. Chrome package
So the smoke was from just in front of battery near silonoid (?) 3 post, insulated circular switch, that is mounted on the front wall of the van forward of the batterey.
There are two other things mounted near that which are a flat square 2.5inx 2.5inx3/4in, and the other is a 1
5 inbox shaped item... the smoke came from that area...
Also not sure where the fuse box is located.
heater fuse

no heater.
Tried what you said pushrod about turning engine a lil bit it still won't go all the way down any more ideas
I bought a new distributor and can't get it to go back down in the engine can you tell me what I need to do to get it back in properly? I don't want to damage it!
Vans not getting no fire I have had the coil checked it's good, I had electric module checked it's good only other possibility is the pickup coil please help I need my van for work!
I replaced new battery and new alternator 2001 E 150 seemed to work for three four days, now brand new battery dead again. not getting charge. jumped battery and could watch battery drain when jumper cables removed. confirmed with volt meter getting less than twelve even when running and drops to eight before dying. Please help
Water leaks in the oil pan I think from a whole drilled in the location of the water pump stud to the engine block
Also smells like unburned gas. Black smoke from exhaust. Then some days it runs fine. Running real rich. The fact it goes away then comes back is wierd
I was driving my van on the interstate and it made a noise like the power steering needed fluid and then it just shut off had to be towed I got it home and put it on the tester and it read 4 different codes for the TPS was high voltage and same for the eve Will these make it not run?
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