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I keep seeing warnings on the replacement intake manifolds I am needing to buy
it was really hot outside and my son tried to stick my police light back inside the hole and it started smoking so,I opened my door to pull the hood and I seen a minifire I put it out now my car wont make a sound HELP.please where do I start???
Fuel pump location
how to replace fuel pump
I have a 97 Ford crown victoria. It's been sitting for a year after my mom parked it . She got to sick to drive. Now that car is mine and it won't start I bought a new battery still won't turn over I tried putting gas . No good I heard to try the fuel shut off pump n tried pushing button n it's stuck. War do I do???
Battery goes dead every couple of days. Battery and alternator are fairly new and have been checked. No lights are on, no doors are open. I've been having this problem for over a year now. I have to remove the hotwire from the battery every night. There's a short somewhere. Talked to a couple of mechanics and they said it's really expensive to locate it. Any suggestions on where to start?
I just drove this car from New York down to my home in Georgia. The car was owned by my grandfather, who used the vehicle only in the summer for longer trips to Vermont. He always kept in a garage, and started it and let it run for about 30 minutes each week throughout the winter. I know it was taken care of, and always maintained well. However, today I was just driving around town and it stalled during movement. The warning lights came on, the power steering went off, but the A/C blower kept running (although it was blowing hot air instead of cold). I stopped the car, turned it off, and it started right back up and drove fine. I just replaced the battery last week, so I dont think it is the issue...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
if you let off acceleration it will blow cold. cant tell if
a/c clutch is cycling correctly. Recent misfire in cylinder
4 and a/c started doing this. recently had intake replaced. ran great until positive cable post connector cracked and I replaced it.
Every time it is in cooling mode this occurs. Cold air comes out of the defrost vent as well as the floor heat ducts.
I have replaced the switch and bulbs and still have no brake lights and when the car is in park I can not shift it but if the switch is disconnected I can shift could it be the MFS
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