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My car air conditioning works perfectly. But when i torn the heat on it only blows air. It is EATC equipped and when i turn the temperature control up for heat. It does not get hotter
I have replaced the battery, serpentine belt and tested the alternator. I believe the idle is not adjusting properly for the extra strain. What may be the possible problem area?
Car has 107500 miles on it. Bought used last month. Previous owner said it worked intermittently in cooler weather. He had tach installed which replaced oil pressure and alternator gauges. All other gauges work. What is possible problem and where to look.
My '03 Crown Victoria LX SPORT began idling very rough whenever stopped in traffic while in gear. Even more alarming to me, is the fact that it almost stalls completely when accelerating from idle (stop lights, stop signs, traffic congestion) and while accelerating up inclines. Today, immediately upon starting the car, the radiator cooling fan begins to run VERY fast and VERY loud. The longer my car idles (in park) the faster and more loudly the fan spins. This continues to happen even after turning the car off and allowing some time until starting again. All 3 problems are very concerning since my beloved Crown Vic has never made a single bump, thump, chitter, chatter, and/or hesitated in any way. The thermostat always reads exactly the middle. No check engine or warning lights/alarms of any kind. I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone has to offer. Thank you.
I am seeing loss in power. Does not accelerate the way it was.
Car is hard to start and when it does it idles very rough. Pressing the gas pedal cause the car to stall and when it cuts off a thick cloud of white smoke blows out of exhaust. This all started after getting gas. I pulled out of the gas station and my car felt like it cut off. i pulled into median and realized my car had not cut off but idleing very low. Every since i got my car home the other problems started. please help!!
I get horrible gas mileage
When I put the car in gear 1 gear extends winding it self then it goes into sec right in to third with a quickness what could that be transmission slip??
The speedometer still works okay. The trip meter failed first and then a few months later the odometer failed.
Tried to hit gas again and car just started to slow down. What is this
still same problem theft light flashing real fast?
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