Tried all amps of fuses. Door locks ,sunroof,domelight,floorlights,climetcontrol all out. Bad short ,but whar?

air bag light ON
turn indicates don't work
light on clock/radio off
blinkers don't work

Wednesday morning of this week on the 21st of 2016 I was getting ready for work which was around 4 in that morning. Sort of cool outside so I crunk up my car, turned the heater on max along with the defrost. At least bout 15 mins my car was running. Blowing out cool air instead of heat. Mu coolant level is full and there's no leaks anywhere.

The ball joints look good and the tierod ends are looking good. The only thing that looks rough is the stabilizer links

And how can I fix it cheaply but accurately

Repair shop ran a diagnoatics and found seat belt problem..replaced that but still has the warning signal.

The inspector said my power steering fluid is black and needs drained and new fluid put in. How do I drain the old fluid out and put new fluid in

when I turn off engine the fan or some other engine keeps running and runs the battery down just started doing this

My head lights stop working but my bright lights work, my windshield wipers stopped working, and my inside dash board lights stop working. What is the problem and what should I do.

I took it to Ford for more detail and their diagnosis said "veh. needs a complete tune up, plugs, boots and #8 coil. Veh. also has thermostat codes to replace thermostat. Ford wanted much too much money so I am not letting them do it. I am thinking that I will go to an outside mechanic and see if replacing the #8 coil makes a major improvement, if so I will get the thermostat replaced. I do not want to put a lot of $$ into a car I will not be able to have run OK for at least another year or so.

Only when you turn car on my tank starts dripping gas

the car runs relatively smooth then when the ac is turned on ,it acts like its missfiring on a couple plugs

The wheels keep going to far to the right but nothing looks broken as far as tie rod ball joints ect.... could it be in the steering box?

It is blowing out hat air.

first time finding fuel mixed with my oil. i do my own work and never have i seen this

I have been looking to buy a used Crown Vic police interceptor. I have seen some with ridiculously low idle hours for the mileage. If I divide the mileage by the idle hours, I come up with averages of 120-140 mph for every hour it was running. This seems impossible. I see this most often on the 2008's but also on 2011's. Any thoughts? Thanks.

My piston on my engine is done

Under the dash. Headlights work turn signals no hazard no windows. Won't go from park. No clusterlights no fulepump him. When clusterlights do work it will start for only a couple of minutes then dies

The wheel on the car on the drive side wont move could that be from my brakes locking up it a 1998 grand marquis

both switches on door stopped working at same time

I have had three power streering pumps put on in the last month, two from Advanced auto parts, most recent one from NAPA, all continue to leak. Is it OK if they are putting transmission fluid in reservoir when replacements installed??

We just replaced our fuel pump last Tuesday and now this week the cars is acting up again. When we start it up it might not start right away or it will and then when we try to leave it starts chugging like its going to die again and now our check engine light is on and hasn't shut back off

Got into a wreck guy did a hit and run and knocked my front bumper and grill off now I have to take it to the dealership to get repair how long do u think it will take to replace including head lights there is no inter damage no leaking or anything just would like to know what's the estimate time rate it will take to fix.

What could be causing to not to change over to air?

My first and second gear is fine but when it goes into 3rd it slips and wont go into 4th ANY SUGGETIONS SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE NO LIGHTS ARE ON the inside it was running just fine 2 days ago

1997 crown Victoria ford