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The air doesnt blow at all when I turn on the AC or Heater. Ive checked all my fuses and relays and still have no air blowing. What could cause this? And it was working fone then started to go out intermittently.
car has 98k miles. 2011 police interceptor. service car soon light just came on. checked the gas cap and light remains on.
I wanted to know may a 1997 Lincoln, steering wheel column, can go on a 1997 crown Victoria.?
1999 Crown Vic Base, First time this has happened - 130,000 miles on it. ABS light came on 2 weeks ago - currently using manual brakes until I get it fixed..... But now this! car stuck in Garage....
a 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch piece was cut from upper foam filled dash pad by the police dept. that owned my 2010 crown vic before i bought it. Is that upper dash pad removable by itself for replacement?
replaced key lock cylinder, and ignition switch, im not sure of placement of hole in shaft and rod on switch, and what possition is key to install. the car dont crank, and key isnt turing ign. switch when turned.
Steering knuckle does it make your car lean to one side

the engine will not start after the engine is warm up and turned off until the the negative battery cable is removed then replaced.
Had oil changed . The next day during a long drive smelled burning and saw smoke. Pulled over and turned off car. Puddle of oil under car and engine in the engine compartment hood mostly drivers side and belt. 155000 miles on vehicle
I'm trying to change all my valve stems and want to make sure all valves are compressed so they don't fall into the cylinders. I want to know how many valves are shut when each cylinder is tdc it 2?
Also wouldn't back up also heard loud chung when putting in reverse
Smelling coolant coming into car when the AC is on no coolant leaking under the car does not overheat what's
Taken it to several smog shops , got different readings at each one. Car otherwise runs excellent . Have had many components replaced over the years. Bought in 2005 as an old police interceptor.
was rarely but, recently had intake manifold, coolant pipe and radiator replaced. Noise occurs more often now. Noise seems to come from the driver's side of the engine, is a deep waaaaaaaa sound. it never made engine light come on.
door ajar light stays on when all doors are firmly closed and caused door lock and unlock button not to work. Also, I changed the battery once and both problems went away for about a day and a half. Then both returned. Seems like door lock doesn't work when door ajar light is on.
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