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Smelling coolant coming into car when the AC is on no coolant leaking under the car does not overheat what's
Taken it to several smog shops , got different readings at each one. Car otherwise runs excellent . Have had many components replaced over the years. Bought in 2005 as an old police interceptor.
was rarely but, recently had intake manifold, coolant pipe and radiator replaced. Noise occurs more often now. Noise seems to come from the driver's side of the engine, is a deep waaaaaaaa sound. it never made engine light come on.
door ajar light stays on when all doors are firmly closed and caused door lock and unlock button not to work. Also, I changed the battery once and both problems went away for about a day and a half. Then both returned. Seems like door lock doesn't work when door ajar light is on.
Need to replace thermostat. What temp should I buy?
when my fuel tanks is at a quarter of a tank it does it or even on full. if I start it up and the let the car run for more than 5 minutes it really starts acting up. when the mechanic read the codes it said change both sensor and I change them and the light still stays on. another mechanic says it might be my fuel pump going bad, I have put all kinds of fuel additives but none of that works.
When I got in my car for the second time within 20mins. I smelled a strong odor of gas. The third time that day when I got In my car noticed smell still there and strong.but while driving I noticed my gas hand was going down.when I get to my destination. I popped the trunk nothing. I look under the car . I see all of my gas running out near my oil pan area but leaking from above that was dark so I couldn't see exactly where it was coming from.but I just the area.its a 07 crown Vic intercepted
My Air suspension light keeps coming on my 04 crown Victoria, what is the problem
The car has 118k on it and the trans fluid and filter have been changed several times. The trans also has a slight whine
My engine is not turning over but when I turn the key on and try to turn the engine over I hear a clicking sound coming from the fuse box in the engine compartment. But the past winter I had it running and then I let it sit without starting it and now it won’t do anything all the lights work and everything. Also I had to replace the driver side front fender if that had anything to do to it. Really need help!!
Misfires during acceleration...coil packs n plugs are brand new..
No brake lights center or lower checked fuses already
It seems to do it only on high beams and when tge blinker is on. Hit a plastic trash can and it knocked off passenger side blinker / indicator lense. But both bulbs are working. Car has low miles and been taken well care off.
I had one loose wire make contact with another 1 and the car just died and now I can turn the key and nothing happens. I still have lights but no crank.
I have a 1995 ford crown Victoria base model that HAD air suspension. It no longer has air suspension because it was replaced by the previous owner with I think there called "coil overs". Either way, it doesn't have air suspension anymore. I have an air suspension light that stays on and never goes off while the car is on. I flip the switch in the trunk off and the light immediately comes on I flip it to on and the goes off for 2 seconds and comes right back on. Does anyone know how to get that light to stay off without burning the light out?
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