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hit the door lock from key pad and now car won't start
Not sure if it is a neutral safety switch or where to even locate that on the vehicle.
Just replaced condenser, had it filled. Worked for about two weeks then stopped again.
it doesn't matter what setting the dial is on (def, heat, vent), air only blows out of the vent openings.
my car was missing really bad so we changed spark plugs and spark plug wires. and when changing them there was oil in one of the back spark plugs when they pulled it out
When i start car the air blow threw vent and go straight to defrost after a few minutes
Rebuilt cost
Started last night. While driving it would just rev up then eventually go into gear. After a few it completely stopped going into gear and shifter wouldn't work right. This morning went into gear. Then just stopped again
Have new starter and battery and alternator and still won't start
I'm looking for a diagram of the wiring harness that shows every plug sensor and light bulb for a 2000 Crown Victoria
Horn fuse replaced and I noticed the cc No working
Horn fuse replaced horn worked then couple hours blew again. Should the horn relay be replaced. I noticed the cruise control not working
I have a 2001 crown vic with intermittent cranking problem. and it still started when ever it did crank. but now I still have intermittent cranking problem and a no start issue. I think it is in the ignition system . I noticed I don't hear the fuel pump kicking on or the power locks when I turn on the key. I also noticed something in the steering it is very hard to put in the lock position. and after I was messing with the steering wheel I had a no crank issue....I left it sit over night next day it cranked but wouldn't start... any suggestions.....

What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I would try and lock and unlock steering, or turn the wheel as far as would go in both directions
How long have you had this problem? for the last year when ever I would drive her and use the steering wheel
Just stop while driving and won't start up
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Won't start cut off while driving
How long have you had this problem? N/A
My battery was dead (accidentally left a light on), so I charged it - after this incident my fuel indicator gauge stopped working (indicates almost empty, but tank is full). Can a blown out fuse be the problem?
How long have you had this problem? 2 days - gauge just stopped working
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