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Had broken axle shaft on drivers rear. Removed it, went & got used one from parts yard. Realized that the car has drum brakes but used Axle shaft I picked up has disc brake. Can I still install it & have one disc, one drum brake on rear of my car or do I have to go find another axle shaft that has the drum brake?
You put key in and it won't turn. Locked up and binded
My crown vic shut down on Christmas. it cranks strong but wont turn over I was told to change the icm but that didnt work.I just got a new job and cant afford to lose it and I don't have any other rides. I just want my car back no leaks no extra noises lately it was working fine then shut off
2007 LX Crown VIC, just has a hole in the dash, not for glove box lock or auto climate control. What is it for?
Could it be the sensor to deactivate the passenger airbag?
Thanks in advance Dennis E
Also when driving down hwy, I keep hearing something that sounds like I'm hitting the side of the road but Im not.
I put oil in my car. The next day I check my oil and there is no oil on the stick.
hit the door lock from key pad and now car won't start
Not sure if it is a neutral safety switch or where to even locate that on the vehicle.
Just replaced condenser, had it filled. Worked for about two weeks then stopped again.
it doesn't matter what setting the dial is on (def, heat, vent), air only blows out of the vent openings.
my car was missing really bad so we changed spark plugs and spark plug wires. and when changing them there was oil in one of the back spark plugs when they pulled it out
When i start car the air blow threw vent and go straight to defrost after a few minutes
Rebuilt cost
Started last night. While driving it would just rev up then eventually go into gear. After a few it completely stopped going into gear and shifter wouldn't work right. This morning went into gear. Then just stopped again
Have new starter and battery and alternator and still won't start
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