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Its a Ford Contour 1999... it also has a fuel feed problem. It seems to shift erratically between 40 and 50 mph.
I need an estimate for the replacement of an O-ring for the #2 cylinder. Want to be sure I don't get ripped off when it is replaced. Thank you for any information you can help me with.
Just bought the car took to advance auto they say needs repair on this O-ring.
Recently changed the starter tried to start the car fuse blew hot wired it how long is this short fix last and is it safe to drive on the hwy
has less than 1 hundred 20 thousand km
Started to notice it about a week ago, got progressively worse until I almost didn't make it home a couple nights ago. At that time I was traveling at approx 80km per hr. tranny was slipping from drive to neutral and back again as I was driving on the hwy. This transmission apparently doesn't require a filter so that isn't the problem. Up till now it's been a good car to me so I'm really hoping it won't require a new transmission to get it back on the road. I just can't afford that kind of expense. Someone on this forum said something about a pump, anyone know anything about that?
Belt broke, had it replaced. Now its running rough, from pocket diagnostics I thought it needed the Master Air Flow Sensor replaced but once installed its not the problem. Any idea what it could be?
conected turn with screwdriver all excess. come on no starter i found starter hot and got starter turn with ignition on not fireing can i hotwire temporarily please tell me how i understand fuel plusfire plus compression = vroom vroom whitch wires please
How do I tighten it? Is this dangerous?
I am replacing the heater core on my 1996 Ford Contour. Screws are stripped and cant get anything into the tight spot to remove them on the duct up under the dash board. What do I do?
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