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no leaks no bad hoses brand new radiator new thermostat not over heating just keeps boiling out threw the overflow hose and spilling out on the ground could it be the water pump

I put some sea foam in it. thought it may be some bad gas...well that did no good... so I went and got a fuel filter nothing.... any advice???

Every so often my car won't start. Seems to be happening more frequently. All the lights and the radio come on but when I try to turn it over nothing. No sound nothing. Sometimes it won't restart for days. Sometimes it a couple hours sometimes a few min. Once it starts again. No problems. Till it does it again.

where is the tranny filter located on this car I found a oil pan located under the battery bracket on th side of trans. is this the loaction of the filter- inside this pan?

tried replacing the dual filament bulbs, signals work but not brake lights on either side. All other lights in working order. Tried replacing the stop light switch assembly but didn't help. All fuses under the hood left fuse box looked good. Heard it could be the master switch assembly in the steering column, a fuse in the dash, or electrical in the trunk from the Central brake light, any ideas where to start first?

Pulled in to get gas. Went to restart. No start. Checked fuel psi55# checked spark and replaced cause plugs and wires were due anyhow. Checked codes none present. Checked timing, power to Injectors, and compression over 100#'s. Engine will not even try to fire on starting fluid. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

The car will start and run for on about 3 blocks. I don't know if is a broken sensor or something else

Always on.

I have a problem with a tire that has a broken steel belt in it. The car sways and shakes violently when I get it up to 50-55 mph. it also loses brake power. What would cause this problem?

An electric check on NEW ECT shows input voltage at 4.6V with key out of ignition. With key-on or engine running, the input voltage drops to 0.88V. Is that correct? Could PCM be bad?

The car will crank but won't start

I used to drive my car everyday to work and then I got sick and I am lucky if I drive my car twice a month. Back in October my car ran fine but was noticing it took a little longer to turn over but the car ran and restarted fine. Then the cold weather set in and my battery lost its charge. I would get a jump and the car ran and restarted fine. Then even if my car sat for two days the car would not start with out a jump and then my car took several jumps and would start but then would quite. So a housemate took my car to a local garage for a battery the ran fine no sputters or hesitations and the ran for twenty miles and was parked. The mechanic came out to get the car and try to start the car and it would not start unless starter fluid was used. Then the mechanic tried to trouble shoot the car while they claimed the battery was charging. Now the battery has been replaced and the Pmc box has also been replaced and the car wants to start but just dose not turn over. The guy who has been working on it says that when the keys are the position before the car starts you can not hear the fuel pump humming. What I do not understand is if my car rode smoothly for twenty miles without a sputter how can it be the fuel pump? I have a code reader and the is PO232. E I primary coil Circuit failure ignition failure. Is it the ignition or the fuel pump or both?

99 ford contour. When u turn key over it clicks. U can keep repeating that process for awhile and only get a click. But if u shake the steering wheel and turn over it starts. What's going on?

Need a wiring schematic fo9r the reverse lights as well as the location of the shift position switch for the Automatic Transmission. there is power to the plug in the console under the shifter, but the lights do not work when shifted to reverse. all fuses checked good.

It's been like this for 1 year now.

Then the radiator was boiling. I had checked oil 2 weeks ago. Looks very low now. It used to get warm in 95 degrees. But mevet this. I read something about the ps belt? I am 50 female! Very poor and so dont know what? Have friend coming to look.. What could be wrong

It was making some noise like kar kar kar before it switched of finally and completely
I need to know the quote to repair the whole thing again probably to change it with a brand new engine timing belt water pump, mos of the sensors need to be changed the thermostat and need to rpair the whole aircondition and heating. I want to know if after the repair I will get a written certificate f warranty up to a certian miles or years my car wont give me trouble,... any mechanic out there to help? HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY not ripping me off I dont have that much money may be installments will work if you are ready to work with me

car jerks when going up and down hills during exceleration and also when coming down hills.

Only time it came on was at speeds over 50 for extended time.Some air at lower speeds but not much.

I know where the fuse box n the fule pump I just need to know how to cheek it to see if thats what worring with it just the fuse plz

I'm trying to replace water pump on my car. I am down to the cam pulley and need to use the breaker bar method but when I go to start my car it just blinks the alarm, dash, signal, and brake lights periodically. when I try to turn it over it does nothing. I've had the battery disconnected the whole time I've been working on it. I just replaced the oil pan. could it be because there is no oil in it? the battery has been disconnected for couple days now as well

Catl-convert. while driving,it feels kike the car is attach to a ruber

change the alternator still not charging

once the car is warmed up as it shifts into 3rd gear it shimmies

how do you replace transmission in 1998 ford contour

how to remove intake manifold

When I shift from 1st to 2nd and into 3rd gear I get grinding

Took to FF Tire to see if they could find out why it was leaking transmission fluid and to check for any other issues before long drive. Also had just bought the car with only about 42000 miles on it. They couldn't find the leak but suggested I change the belt. Now, this was the second mechanic I had brought it to for review and to look for where the fluid may be leaking from. Both places said it was seeping fluid.

The belt just broke and it is under 12,000 miles 3-4 months later which is under their warranty terms. They replaced the belt for free, but now it has needs a gasket replacement along with the pump and other things that will cost 1399. Initially the garage offered me $150 off for the inconvenience. I feel that their insurance should cover them fixing the car for free as the belt was likely defective, or bad product. They then said they would come down to $800 to fix the damage caused by the 'new' belt breaking. I feel they should cover all of it. Legally, who is responsible? If they are not responsible, and they can't recover the loss for repairing the damage caused by the belt from the belt's manufacturer, can't the manufacturer and them have a deal worked out with faulty product so that cars break more often and turn their $80 jobs into $1399?

thanks for any advice.

I have a 98 ford contour SE (6 cyl). I want to clean the EGR valve and ports but how do reach the bolt on the connecting pipe to get it off? I was able to remove the mounting bolts, but can't get a wrench in for the pipe nut.

is there a fuseable link between alt and battary? car will run till bat dies. car will stay running with jumper cables hooked up. HELP ME PLEZZZZZZZZZ!