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If I ease up on has sometimes it helps but not today running bad
Car rocks back & forth when u try to start cluch feels like it's gone is that what is causing it not to start?
Or what is is making it do that
When I stop it wants to die the
Air/blower stopped no Gage's work
Then it stopped am will not start.
Checked plugs an battery an fuses
An relay button an coil pack just don't no
Ac is cold in the morning until I get about 10 miles down the road. The ride home is hopeless. It's seems to be affected by the temp of the engine and the temp outside.
engine rpm does not increase and car won't move. I could manually increase rpm under hood. noticed getting worse last week of driving it.
The AC And Heat stopped working no fan at all not sure if it is electrical or the blower motor or the switch??
do i need to replace the entire switch or just the flasher box?
Ive replaced thermostats and water pump. Flushed radiator out and now the car has a hard time starting and water is in the oil . What do I do?
The only vacuum line to transmission is missing. Where are the connection points ? No codes available
I put in Freon and stop leak and got it cooling again.but clutch stopped put on new clutch and a dryer. clutch only engaging for a few seconds unless I jump it on low side it engages but wont take but one can of Freon. compressor seemed to work before this!WHAT DO I NEED NOW? Thank you for any advice !
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