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how often to change belt

how much would it cost to fix a P0430 code to pass emissions?

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where is the fuse box

every time i stop the car cuts off

my ford contour the 2 front windows and the back passenger window behind the driver quit working the front passenger window is stuck down. the rear window on the right works what coulnd this be is it a fuse the motor or the switch on the door please help

were is pcv value located on this engine??Thanks..Gene Sheppard

Power steering leak started out slow. Just needed to a few ounces every couple of days. Leak gradually increased. Now I need to add 8 ounces every time I drive. It puddles on the floor about a foot right of the left front tire. One repairman said it was the rack and pinion because it it leaking from inside the boot. The steering on the car drives fine as long as there is fluid in the car. When it starts to run low, steering stiffens. Then I add more. It is starting to get expensive adding all that fluid to find it on the ground when I stop. Does this sound like I need to have the whole rack replaced? Could it possibly be a seal, gasket, or line? The car is 12 years old. I hate to invest that much into a repair, but at the same time I can't afford a new car.


why does the brake light switch has power feed going and coming out when I press the brake pedal,yet my brake light does not work. The third brake light in the window works. Can you provide me with a wiring schematics to help me find this problem? Can this be lack of ground or open circuit somewhere?

After driving the car for 20-30 min the fan stops running; the temp gauge goes past mid-day but not into hot

can i interchange transmissions of a1996 ford contour gl and 1993 ford sho

need to set timing on car i have already replaced the timing chain

Im have to replace the Brake Booster .. How do i replace it or pull it out?

I have a 97 Ford Contour Sport. Last night while driving, I drove about 40 miles... while entering a small town and slowing down, my car stalled. After letting it sit about 45 mins, it started up and I could drive a little further. Then it would stall out again. It did this the remander of the night. I could drive, then it would either stall while driving, or when slowing down to make turns or stop. It's not overheating in the coolant department. Boyfriend was thinking IGNITION MODULE

How much does it cost to replace fuel filter?

While driving and I push down on the gas pedal it is like the car wants to stall, then starts to go fine for a while. then does the same thing again. wondering if it is a fuel filter problem or worse a fuel pump?


my engine shuts off while drive , but only happens when i slow down after going high speeds like when exiting off the freeway, what could be the problem?

what does it take to repair a driverside window that won't come up? It doesn't make any noise either. What would it cost to repair?

I took my car into the mechanic for the power steering leaking. While I was there they said my car needed a transmission flush. Car has over 130,000 miles on. After they did the flush my transmission acts like it isn't working. Also the speed/millage isn't working. Any ideas what is wrong and/or if the mechanic messed up.

Overdrive light of my 1994 ford countour flashes; Mechanic says the electrical harness is shorted. Can I replace it myself? and at what cost?
Thank you; whome

i put a used oil pan on my 97 countour,my son slid off the road and cracked my old one,now car turns but hasnt started yet any suggestions

Car will not start, no lights come on, no sounds just nothing. Overhead interior light works and brake lights work when you press pedal, but other than that nothing. Checked fuses, all fuses are good, used tester to check fuses in box under hood all fuses made tester light up except ones for ignition, headlights and abs module. So confused! Could it be a bad wire?

while going about 15mph i went over a series of dips in the road and after the last one i lost overdrive function. i'm now i have no fourth gear. a friend told me it could be a bad sensor.?. could that be the problem, if so where is it and is it an easy fix . thanks

I have checked the plugs and wiring at the sensors.What do I do next?

I've had this car for 5 years. I've replaced everything from the fuel pump to the transmission. I just recently had the starter and struts replaced and now I'm hearing a hissing noise. It sounds like it's coming from the dash somewhere so I'm thinking it may be the heater, but the heater seems to work fine. I just don't know! I love my car, but I'm getting so fed up with it!

My car rides my smooth except when it is in idle. Then I have to press the gas pedal to get it to stop stuttering. The problem gets worse when I do not have a lot of gas.

I have Actron code reader that pulled up code P0708 from computer (tranmission range sensor curcuit has high input). Any help on troubleshooting this?

Drove car 12/04/09
started up fine drove it home came out the morning would not start.Motor turns its like not getting fuel maybe timing belt not sure.Please Help thank you.Joseph

fiberglass,or stuffing coming out. does it need to replaced? not sure when i replaced it.

When I turn the key in the ignition the dash lights come on, the fuel pump works but the engine do not turn over nor does the starter. So I turn the key in the on position and slowly shift through the gears then the car started. How is this possible