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i cant find a drivers side top door hinge where can i buy one?
Still overheating. Took it to repair shop and they replaced the radiator because the petcock was broken and flushed the transmission. They said it was drivable. Now the transmission fluid is spouting out.
the air vent does not blow cold air.
all gauges don't work , including speedometer, gas, temp, and all lights except, the blinkers work thats all that works, no other lights check engine , ect.
It happened once. The starter just grinded several times and then it started. It has started several times after this an no sign of anything wrong.
i have a 1998 ford contour svt 2.5l v6 that will start and run for two mins then shut off and not start again for about an jour
After driving about 4 miles, or as it warms up, it begans down shifting back & forth.
How do you replace the engine heater blower in a 1995 ford contour
at what mileage should you replace timing belt
Replace fuel pump
at how many miles does my timing belt need to be replaced? I can't find it in my manual.
replaced plugs wires crank cam sensors timingbelt vct solenoid and gear fuel pump battery alternator oil everything still wont start has compression
Engine light is on.
Tapping the gas pedal while the engine is running and in park causes a clicking noise from parking break / transmission area, car is very hard to break until in gear and then it clears up.
Also, related or unrelated, there seems to be some irregular acceleration lag once under way.
just started but transmission makes a little noise
car full of water but has no thermstate. can drive 2 to 3 miles and car red hot
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