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i'll push down the leaver to open the lid, and it wont open at all.. I know that there is a pull thingy in the trunk, done that once..and closed lid and it wont open again... help me..
thr accummluter leaks
Transmission was rebuild about 8000 miles ago. Will not go into gear in D (drive). It will just sit and idle. When I pull it down into Low (first gear) it will go. Then I have to shift it to 2nd and then drive to keep going. I have not changed the filter or fluid. I was told it may be a speed sensor. Any other suggestions?
The check engine light comes on during driving and then goes off.
car runs hot, has new radiator, new head gasket, new thermostat.
My 96 ford contour auto drives in the 1st and 2nd and reverse gears, but will not move in Drive. What could the problem be and what is the fix. Is it ok to drive the car like that what will happen? I am makeing a trip about 2500 miles is it safe.
Mine was broken. I need to remove and replace the assy. for state inspection. Have no idea what to do
I just put freon in my car but the compressor is now not turning, it was working before it got hot outside, now when we need it the most, it doesn't work.
how do I repair the drivers side window myself
i was told that it is a synthetic transmission fluid. i dont want to pay $35.00 a qt. at dealership if i ca find elsewhere
This problem just occurred and the we had just charged the unit with freon.
This is the first time it happend.
I have replaced all three 02 sensors and my engine light came on again and the test shows it to be the 02 sensor. What is most likely reason and what is best thing to do now?
where is the power train control module located?
humming noise as i drive down road when i move stearing weel moise quiets a little
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