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Will Autolite Plugs #5144 work in a 1998 ford contour? If not, which ones will?

can any one tell where where i,d find out where to find this on my ford contour the radiator cooling fan temperature sensor / switch discription operation i was told from outo value thats why to look for i was told thats what to look into trying get my fans to stop spinning all the time any tips on how find how to fix this problem ?????

car is getting about 10 mpg it got 30mpg when i bought it
scanner only shows dtc P1000 exhaust smells like car is running rich, it will stall at times on deaccelration, and transmission is shifting extremaly late
took it to a local transmission shop and they say trans is fine - need to look at engine systems
any ideas?

do you know if i try to check my thermostat to see if this one works would it help me to try and get my fans to stop spining all the time. i did get a new one and don,t know if could be faulty one or not i only put a new one in just be on safe side as put new coolant in is it worth a shot to see if this one even works or not ???

trying to set the timing on a ford contour

ok i bought a 1998 ford contour about 2 months ago i drove it and fixed what i need on it the weather started to get nice out i tryed my a/c and noticed it was not blowing cold air very well and i notice my fans didn,t work i only noticed it worked once that i saw of as well so i went and got a a/c recharge kit i did ever thing it said and i also replace my thermastat as well when i finished doing that i did the a/c recharge then i noticed my fans kicked on it blew cold air really well on a/c and max a/c what i did find out after that was when put on other side just reguler heat i noticed my fans keep runnig all time it was not doing that untili put the a/c charge kit in there is there a reason why it is doing this for some reason and ? how do know if thermastat is working i was told could put in in boiling water in pot at home how know if working or not

i,m guessing no can tell me why my fans keep runnig none stop it now getting to point it not cooling the car off enough makeing the car really hot but does not over heat come close to getting there and my ac kicks in all time does any one know if that is normal for these things to be happening if so can let me know thanks

can some one let me know asap how can i find out why my fans won,t stop running all the time is that normal and my a/c keeps clicking on off ever 5 seconds even when it is not on is that normal for it to do that ????

how do find out why my fans keep running all time and my a/c keeps turning off and off ever 5 seconds is that normal

had thermostat replaced and waterpump replaced and car showes it overheating not looseing any antifreeze

took off cover and now what?

Do You have to pull the transmission to change the filter or what?

speedometer quit working what do i need to do to fix this problem?

When I go around a curve to the right it sounds light a loud rubbing noise. It does't do it in turning to the right or anyother time.

i am getting po171 and p1405 check engine. codes i looked up what they mean but can any direct me in what might be a common problem with these contours causing these codes. The car will sputter on take off if you push down on gas hard but if you barely push its ok.

car starts up fine and seems to shift into gear ok?but wont engage

I just bought a 1999 Ford Contour and after I brought it home and turned it off or whatever I came back out to drive it and my key wouldn't turn in the ignition. The key won't budge forward or backwards. I tried resetting the system by unplugging the battery, but that didn't work. How do I fix this?

the gauage reads close to the 2nd m on the word mormal on the gauage, when the engine is will get almost close too the line on the high side of the ( mormal running temp ) next too the hot and then the fan will kick on and bring it back down to the same place it started. also if you let it idle it will get hot.

It looks to me like I have to take out part of the exhaust system in order to change out the oil pan. Is this the case, or is there an easier method?

if your ac fan relay is bad on a 96 ford contour will it make the electric fan not work at all even if the ac isnt on because the fan works when connected direct but wont unless. and i have changed the temp sensor that controls the fan and the water coolant sensor that controls the gauge and checked my wiring in between and its all good so im confused on why my fan wont turn on unless connected direct or unless you unplug the temp sensor and it reads fail safe mode and kicks on

transmitter opens doors but will not open trunk. batteries are brand new. hear low click in or under glove box. any ideas? bought car new in 2000 and it's running good. thanks for any help.

I have a major power drain which kills the (new) battery after sitting for 2 or more days. I connected a test light to negative battery cable and the other end to the negative battery post, i then proceded to pull out every fuse and relay, no change. The alternator is good, I even disconnected the computer and their is still a draw. I'm rightly stumped. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

My turn on light in the the back are not working but when i pulls the brake the are on and when i get off the brake they are off again do i have a wire problem with my night turn on light are what?

I am at a stop sign or a stop light it will cut off and I have to re-start the car. Whenever the car is not in motion it will shut down. what could be wrong with it

It happen when I hit a speed bump

I was wondering if this engine is a interference or non interference engine? Also timing belt component kit, or just a belt? Are their any seals that should be changed on this engine the same time as the belt replacement? The water pump should be changed same time as well?

i have a 96 ford contour that the electric fan wont work on and the temp gauge goes instantly to hott but the car isnt over heating i currently have fan directly wired on all the time and been driving every day. Where is pcm located on this car could it be bad. the electric fan only works when temp sensor above thermostat is unplugged
check engine codes po117 and po118 are showing but all sensors have been changed

How much to replace or rebuild the transmission in a 2000 Ford Contour

I have a strange problem with my ford contour. when I drive at a normal speed it drives okay. But if I come to a sudden start and begin to pick up speed the car jerks through the first and second gears. then it drives normal but when I come to another stop and begin to pick up speed it jerks through the first and second gears. Now when I come to a complete stop and turn the engine off and start the car It drives okay through the first and second gear.
Also I noticed the check engine light on. So I had it check out and the code showed P1744.
Can someone please help. Thanks In advance

The Brake Light and the ATS light on the dashboard are ON .
Things done so far :
Checked the battery
replaced front rotors, brake pads
Replaced brake Fluids .
Checked Engine Codes no codes displayed .
Please suggest a good repair shop to fix this issue . I took it to the TireKingdom and they couldn't figure it out .