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cost for repair and price of torque converter




procedure for heater core r&r full size 1994 Bronco

heater core removal procedures

My ford bronco died while sitting at an idle and now it will not start. Any ideas


the year if my truck is not available but is the same as a 90 model, this thing has been giving me a fit for more then 2 1/2+ years, when i crank it, it runs fine for about 5 seconds or so, ides up to 2500 rpms then it trys to die, feather the gas (wave the peadal) it starts to run rough, then as im giving it gas it pop's out the intake "so sever it blows the air box lid off, and i can keep it running like that for a brief time then it dies, and will strart back up and do it all over again, runs really rich, fuel pump works fine, timing seems right, it just seems like it not getting enough air, i wrecked the week before this happend, but did no visual damage to my truck, but the mini van i hit was 6 or 7 thousand dollars of damage, i have put a tune up on it, plug's, wire's ,cap etc..., checked fuel pump kicks on as usall, i replaced the tps (throttle postition senser) and fixing to clean IAC and the throttle body in best hopes, but it back fired really bad one and only one time right befor this happend and it started going down hill slowly for a bout a week after and now wont run at all, please any help is greatly apprecaiated,

The engine will not start on the first crank in the morning. It usually takes a second or third try. After that it has no problems during the day even if it sits for hours before another start. I have turned the key to the on/run position for a few seconds to turn on the fuel pump and it still does the same thing. I have done this several times in a row before trying to start the engine and it still requires at least one crank before startiing on the second time. I have replaced the plugs, rotor and distributor cap and idle control valve, cleaned throttle body too.

why wont it go into four wheel drive when button is pushed it shows the 4x4 light on as if it was in four wheel drive

so i was driving to get dinner the other night and when i let off the gas my transmission area started making a wierd clicking/grinding noise i managed to get it home with no problems other than the noise i did 55 with no problems and it was shifting perfectly but as i pulled into my driveway i went to back in and as i took it out of drive and put it into reverse i didnt feel anything engage so i tried putting it back in drive and still nothing then i tried park and it started rolling backwards. you can hear it engage but it goes no where. someone please help lol -mike

maybe twice a week or twice a month on the highway or in town. no matter the speed,while excellorating it will just rev up and then knock hard into the next gear. has been going on for about 3 months- i ahve had the truck for 5 months. i had a transmission shop look at it and he sd the transmission was fine and would be a mistake if i replaced it. he sd he kept getting a speed sensor error when he checked the computer. he replaced that sensor. i took it to another shop and they did the same thing. replced 2 sensors. it was driving ok but is acting up again. could those speed sensors cause it to shift wrong? could it be the wiring causing it to shift wrong? but both places told me it was not the transmission! what should i try next?? i dont want to get rid of it. thanks

what is the cost to rebuild replace transmission

where is the dip stick?

When I shift gears my vehicle doesn't move unless I use overdrive or 4x4 and low range. Reverse is better than forward. I've been also told my oil pan is leaking and cost for pan alone is over $850. Can an epoxy glue be used to seal the hole in the pan? Is it worth fixing?

my EGR valve is broken stuck open(ides rough). I dont know if that has anything to do with it. When I put it in reverse the rpms are REALLY low and when I take my foot off the brake it will reverse but then stall. I try giving it some gas and as soon as i let off the gas it stalls. It doesnt do that when i put it in drive, only reverse.

Engine idles rough for a few seconds at start up then idles normal until next start up. This occurs whether or not the engine is hot or cold.

the 4x4 light on dash is on saying 4x4 is engaged but its not in 4wheel drive could it be a fuse or something else.

Its a full size bronco XLT the light switch shows four wheel drive but I have no four wheel drive.

What is the correct procedure for setting the timing on a ford 302?

heater blower fan works but making loud humm noise

When I start my Bronco oil pressure goes up to low normal, on or between the N&O. I let it warm to driving temps at idle same reading, I head out on the highway 60mph CC set and oil pressure drops just below the N, I return to Idle goes back between the N&O. During all driving, idling and reving the motor sounds smooth no knocks or ticks and is very powerfull while driving. Any ideas?

when i start the bronco i have to keep it reved up or ti wil;l stall. When i get going the car shudders until i get to about 55 mph then maybe i can'tnotice. the car is old and i'm hoping itjust needs a spark plug or tune-up. any ideas?

I purchased a used 1993 Bronco. Where can I find out that the recalls have been repaired on this vehicle.

This vehicle performs fine even when towing a 3,500 LBS trailer,on a flat road and an ambient temperature of 110 deg. f. however, when I go into the montains with an ambient temparature of over 100 deg. f. it will stall.
After cooling off for 30 minutes everything is fine again.
I have heat tested the vehicle on my driveway by covering the hood and blocking airflow to the radiator, running the engine in first gear with the wheels blocked, after reaching 190 deg, f. cooling water temp. and an under the hood temperature of 180 deg. f., using a heat gun heating up every component posible to their stress level, I was not able to stall the engine. the only item I have not tested under hot conditions is the fuel pump.
I strongly belief it is the fuel pump that causes the stall.
Question, if you agree what is the garantee that the stall will not happen with a new fuel pump.

And does it use regular gas

No problems whatsoever. Then a week ago I got up in the morning to go to work, went to start and all it did was just turn over. Mechanic changed both coils to get it to start, but it was running real rough. He said he adjusted the timing, also, but said I needed a complete tune up. Idled fine, but missed as you took off, and when you were at highway speeds,with no load on the engine. I changed spark plugs, plug wires, distributor, distributor cap, rotor, and air filter. Now, it's like it's not getting enough gas. You can hear the air sucking in the intake, but when you give it gas, rpm's increase very little, and it's not enough to get the truck to move.

hey i been having problems with my 90 bronco 5.8L about 2 weeks ago it started turning off suddenly we changed the distributer control module and it seemed to have worked but later that day it wouldnt start now it doesnt turn off while driving anymore but now sometimes it wont start just after it started with no problem 5 10 minutes befor this has been going on for 2 weeks now so i havent been driving it can someone please help me we checked the dist. cap wires coil fuel pump and lines battery spark plugs compression and still just crank and no start at times?

Just replaced my key cylinder after my key broke off inside and had other half of key removed. Now my truck will not turn off. Starts just fine and can remove key, just won't turn off. Any ideas and is this beyond my basic level?