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I have a 96 Bronco in excellent condition and I drive it daily. But here lately it has been dying on me when I come to a stop. But if I shift it into neutral right before I come to a stop, it don't cut off. It shifts fine, transmission fluid looks good, and I'm just stumped on what is causing it. Maybe the alternator?
I cant find a short or bad ground anywhere. It has a brand new (icm) ignition control module, new plugs and wires, new crank sensor, new relays, and new coil. Once in a blue moon it will fire right up. But most of the time it wont do nothing but turn over. But like i said i changed all of that out and im getting power to my coil and (icm) but still no fire! What could be causing this??
Dipstick goes in. It appears to be disconnected at the transmission. Is this something I can fix myself? If so, how?
I just had my engine rebuilt an I think the vacuum lines r wrong...I build pressure in my gas tank....HELP
A clicking sound but when i touch the brack it stops.
i got the steering column down but i dont know how to disconnect the shifter arm
need to take out steering column to bring it to get repaired
first i was having problems getting the key in but the car was turning over by just spinning the ignition then as i moved the car out of the street to the drive way the steering wheel locked and now i cant get it to unlock but i can get the key in i was going to start taking of the steering wheel to see if i can remove the locking plate but will that work
Was. On freeway doing 65 I needed to make a sudden stop but my brake pedal did not move at all turns very stiff had to coast to a stop on shoulder. This happend to my wife three days ago but then brakes went back to normal now it happend again can't take changes baby on board .also when ever we would brake for example on a red light towards the end before coming to a full stop you can hear a humming noise whith vibration then the truck would pull to the left then it would stop..items replaced brake calipers brake booster still having this problem..
I have a 95 ford bronco EL 4WD W/147.000 miles on it. Starts in all weather conditions, drives 1/2 to 2 miles to a store. I then try to restart 1-2 min later it wont start up. it will restart after waiting about 45 mins? shop has confirmed all is ok ( crank, new battery, lights electrical system etc..). It has a new distributor. It has been in the shop several times without repair! Any idea why this continues to happen??
I loaned my Bronco to someone who will remain girlfriend :)

5.8W, F.I. that never had any prior fuel problems.

While low on fuel and idling, engine eventually died due to fuel starvation as it ran out of gas. I'm told that what was added was "unleaded gas" but the engine hasn't started since.

At the filler, what I smell isn't as pungent as 'gas'.

She grabbed a red plastic fuel canister that had the "gas" in it. She has other equipment around her ranch that uses diesel fuel, but she's assured me that it wasn't diesel fuel that she put in.

Other than the gas cap being opened briefly, the fuel system hasn't yet been opened. It's a back up vehicle, not my daily driver, and I haven't touched it in a year and.

Whatever that fluid was, I suspect that it's now some hard varnish-like dried crud.

I can (could the day I had it towed home) hear the pump when in ACC and ON.

I suspect that to do this right, I'll have to drop the tank. If I have to drop the tank, I'll replace the pump at that time.

When I replace the fuel filter....should I attempt to blow air from there back towards the tank?

Is there some solvent that I should put in the tank hours/days prior to working on it?

If there is a solvent to use prior, should I let it sit in the fuel line from the tank to where I've opened at the fuel filter....and then drain it after the solvent has had time to work?

I want my Bronco back!

This great truck has never left me anywhere and, although it hurts at times to feed it, I love it and want to keep it running for many more years.

It's clear to me, even with my limited skills, that I should clean the entire fuel system from tank to injectors.

How do I do that properly?

Thanks in advance
Just wondering what would be more common the oil pan gasket has a little rip near one of the bolts holes figuerd that could be my problem need some feed back im just a rookie
after i installed a 'noisy' gear drive my check egine light is on and my truck runs rich.
have changed the coil and distridutor
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