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When I stop and put in park the trans will continue to pull slightly, when engine is shut off it will roll back till it catches the "park" gear. Also is slipping and trying to start off in second... I think she's crapped out on me......
When the old ford is turned off, the battery drains. I put an amp meter in series and can see the drain. (I think it was 150-200ma.) I then break the circuit by taking the amp meter and removing it from the battery. I do this for 1 second and then reconnect the wires to put the amp meter back in series. The drain is gone! I then turn the ignition on and off, and the drain is back. It continues to drain until the circuit is broken.

I then found that the batter drain quits if I leave all those wires connected, but disconnect the positive wire to the alternator for just a moment. Again, I turn the ignition back on and off and the drain starts all over again.

The car appears to work just fine other than the drain. The alternator is charging the battery. Is the regulator fried?

I also have brake groan? What would fix this?
Finally, I need suspension work and need to know where would be the best place to go for a 4" lift procedure?
I have a 92 ford bronco and the defrost works but won't switch to floor or dash vents! What could be wrong and what can I do to fix it?
Runs well great power etc. At very slow speed in Drive rpm fluctuates up and down approx 150rpm 6-750 rpm. Check engine light comes on when slow running. Poor fuel economy. At 1200-1300@30-35 mph the cqar surges and jerks. Codes 42 - HO2S sensor voltage high/system rich. O2 sensor changed. rebuilt engine approx 20,000 miles
5.8 lt when driving there is no real power max speed about 30 mph runs back and forth thru 1st 2nd and 3rd. What would cause this and how can i fix it.
Engine will not crank. The electrics come on. Speedo also sweeps back and forth and ODO has strange readout. I've seen the sppedo and ODO issue before but never had a no crank issue until now. Are they related?
the Arizona standard is 4.0 and I received a 5.27. This is for the Eddie Bauer Edition.
89 Bronco Last time started and I put it in gear and it died. I smacked the steering column. Now it won't do a thing.
It has a brand new A/C compressor but the A/C system is inoperable and needs service according to owner.
My truck died about 2 weeks ago due to loose Connections on my solenoid. Once I fixed the loose connections I noticed my speedometer wasn't working. I checked fuses. Fuses are all good.
Okay I found out why it kept dying on me when I come to a stop. The transmission filter had come loose and was just laying in the pan. So I replaced that and change my fluid. Now it says for that motor with the deep transmission pan, that's what I have, that it takes 6 quarts, after filter, to fill up. I have put 7 quarts in and still don't show on dipstick. Yes I am letting it warm up and in park while I check it. Everybody I have ask don't know what's the problem. It's junping while I shift it from park to drive or park to reverse also. Help please
I replaced the battery and the car started right away. I didn't use the car for about a week. When I tried to start it after that the battery was dead. I made sure that nothing was left on. I exchanged the battery with another new one, the car started right away. I took it to the auto place to check the electrical system and was told everything looked good. I did not start the car again for about a week. Again the battery was dead. This happened 3 times. What should I do now? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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