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Yesterday we went to open the rear hatch and, although it was unlocked, the handle would not operate the latching device. How do we access and fix or replace the mechanism?
The vehicle was operating fine and traveling downhill on a freeway when the transmisson seems to have failed. The transmission has fluid but we have absolutely no power transmission in any forward or reverse gear. B...
where do i add 134 feron to air in a 1996 areostar van
My radiator water keeps vanishing. When I looked under I do not see any leakage but radiator becomes dry. I truly do not understand. Please help. Thank you.
I just bought a 92 aerostar 3.0l and the engine light is coming on I put oil in it bc it was a quart low but light still coming on.Can a power steering problem enable the engine to come on?
Several days ago, the transmission was shifting "late", with RPM higher than normal, on the first several minutes of driving...the weather was over 100. The flid level is good,but today started "slipping". When thi...
my check engine light comes on once in a while,but doesent stay on, it does not affect the driving ability, but gets anoying.. how do i find out whats wrong?
is there a recall on the transmission/waterpump/fuelpump/accelerator cable/park gear engagement/heat generation in wiring harness
if i start out in OD it goes into gear & slips...If I start in D..everything is fine except it won't shift into OD at hiway speed
My van still starts and attempts to run. How do I know for sure that when it over heats and then cools down and starts running again that it is the head gaskets? May be there was another issue like needing motor oil ...
dont have the diagnostic code, car runs but will stall if I dont keep my foot on the excelorator when stoped at a light or stop sign, and is using way to much gas.
hi Roy, are you saying i can leave the radiator in , or remove for better access?
exactly which parts, do I have to remove for access to change the pump, the clymer and chilton manuals have a couple of differences,and can i do it from standing in the front,or do i need bottom access? THANKS
anyway to buy a little time with a slight weephole drip
I need to replace the main heater hose on a 96 Aerostar van w/aux heat and air. Can you tell me how to get to it.
replaced part about 2 years ago dont know the name of the part to ask auto parts dealer. its black it has a small drum like dohiky lol. sorry im a girl i work on my car but dont know all the names of the parts it sit...
My Aerostar shifts into reverse perfectly but when I try to shift it into a forward gear (1,2,D,OD) I have to go through N like all Auto Transmissions and it feels like it just stays in N when I shift into all forward...
what do i replace on my van after it hits 200,000 miles?
I have 96 ford aerostar with 100k and deciding super flush of radiator or replace radiator, any cost estimate for radiator replacement?
can't reach spark plug on passenger side last in back
When it rains my 1993 Ford Aerostar wont crank the starter will turn over but it wont crank.When its dry it cranks fine.Can you help?
how do I take off the cluch fan
Tips on how to reolace a valve cover gasket
what could cause water leaking behind the power steering bracket
is it hard to rebuild a altanator for 1997 ford aerostar
I had the car scaned at auto zone and the reading was PO756.what is it? can I fix it?
this van has sat on ashvalt for 1 year and 4 months i got it running but signals & brake lights don't work. looked at fuses, all are good. the other stuff on that fuse is working well. i will be looking at the brake s...