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Both cables by gas pedal has the plastic adjusting part broken how do I replace it?
both locks mechanism are broken inside, how do i replace them or repair...
cruise control stopped working the fuse is good. I think the vacuum line is off where does the vacuum line go
The blower does not blow
Can anyone tell me where to find the sensor on the back door that turns off the dome lights
Can anyone tell me where to find the sensor on the back door that turns off the dome lights
Does anyone else have this problem?
Does anyone else have this problem?
want to loosen the big nut on the fan clutch
new plugs,wire's,coil pack,02 sensor,isc motor.good compression vacuum steady at 18 motor has valve train noise after warmed up changed rocker arms & push rods on #4,#5,#6 head motor runs & sounds 50% better code po306 came back after one day.the motor dose not over heat no back firing motor will spin the tires.Question will the code po306 set if cylinder #2 is miss firing since coil pack fires both cylinder #2 & #6 at the same time
wheels locked up. dont think it was brakes. someone told me could be wheel bearing but my uncle told me this does not have a wheel bearing. Solution?
The AWD rear differential growls when turning corners.
have 96 aerostar van
During steady throllle or cruise control the vehicle stumbles and won't take throttle input. If I stop and leave in park it idles fine and runs smoothly through the RPM range. If the key is cycled off then on it will run for good for several minutes and them it will stumble again.The vehicle has 227,000 miles and was very well kept and maintained.
when am driving i hear some noise (it sounds like something rubbing or hitting) and i think it comes from the wheels, i replaced the outer wheel bearings about a year ago on the rear tires, the noise stops as i slow down, because am driving i cant tell where exactly comes from....
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