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what would cause the van to run rough in the overdrive gear? also in regular drive?
we recently changed the fuel pump, and it still wont go over 20 mph. What could be the problem?
I was installing a new interstate battery, and about 35 to 45 seconds after it blew up right in front of me. what would cause this to happen.
The steering has become very loose, can move the steering wheel way to right or left before car actually turns. Am not driving until I find out what it might be and how much to fix.
where are the freeze plugs located
I just can't get to the rear plugs #3,5,6
In my Van there is a control in the back seat for music and fan. when i installed my new CD deck i only get sound out of my front speakers. is there a way to bypass the Control?
How much would it cost to replace the muffler and catalytic converter?
van cranks but will not turn over
does anyone know where the speed sesor is located on the transmission for a 1993 ford aerostar. I have look at the end of the transmission I can't find it. The abs sensor is in the rear.I have asked everybody at the auto stores noone knows where the heck it is can you please help!
So I have the new brakes, tire off, and the new springs are color coded. What spring goes where and what else do I need to do to change the brakes?
the sliding door on the van couldn't open yesterday afternoon. It's stuck or something.
92 ford aerostar 4.o makes a whinning noise when driving it, but just when you let off the gas. Also makes a big klunk when you put it in reverse
IT left a lot of transmission fluid on the highway. Transmission appears to work correctly.
The power steering on my girlfriends 94 Aerostar sounds like it really needs fluid. Where do i put fluid?
engine starts and gradually goes down completely, couldnt scan the car cos i didnt get a signal on the obd1 socket. changed fuel pump but problem continued until i disconnected what i think is the throttle position sensor just by the side of throttle body close to the idle control valve.
on taking out the sensor, it reads CTS which left me with a lot of wonder but whatever it is, the vehecle idles steadily since i disconnected it but it smokes and consumes fuel and at some times rough idles.
pls help
hi, ive got a 1997 ford aerostar that we cannot get to start, someone said that it was the crankshaft position sensor so we replaced that, and it still is not working, although the symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor is what its doing. It has been running rough for a while and losing power, which is why we thought that was the problem, but we cannot figure it out and we are hoping that it did not jump time. but can someone tell me what else it could be
we failed the smog test we just want to know what could be the problem
Where is the fuel pump located on a 1992 Ford Aerostar?

Nevermind. Found it. =)
my 4.0 aerostar has exsessive n. o. reading.i changed the mas sensor and the check engine lite is now out.what other repairs should i do before i retest it?
Check engine comes on after 3 miles. code p0133 02 is read. This happened 35 miles after oil change. Can oil or leaking head gasket cause this?
I took my 95 aerostar with 187k miles on it to a transmission shop for service. the first one in over 100k miles. They changed fluid and told me i was close to failure and should have mine rebuilt. I cant tell if it is slipping or not. could be . they say it is just starting to slip. how do i know? $1,100.00 to rebuild complete with torque converter. I travel for work. should i trust them and have it done?
Van knocks when on an incline or when riding steady -took it to advance auto, did diagnostics, said it needs new EGR valve position sensor
locate low valve port to recharge a/c
getting no fuel to the rail na will not start
on my 94 aerostar with frear drive i bought 5 years ago for $1000 with 94000 miles but now everything is not working first the air , then the ABS quit, then the clock spring, then the sliding door froze shut, now huge popping thud noises when stopping or turning even when you start off in drive sounds like the passengers side tire is going to break off or even the engine is going to fall out. i've looked under and there is hardly ang rubber bushings hell any rubber period on any moving part.but car doesn;t smoke purrs like a kitten gets 21 mpg uses no oil ever.should i look for another
how do i change the u joint on a 1996 ford aerostar mini van
Yesterday we went to open the rear hatch and, although it was unlocked, the handle would not operate the latching device. How do we access and fix or replace the mechanism?
The vehicle was operating fine and traveling downhill on a freeway when the transmisson seems to have failed. The transmission has fluid but we have absolutely no power transmission in any forward or reverse gear. Before we replace the transmission can we determine that the transmission is the problem or is it a torque converter problem? If we decide that the transmission needs to be replaced are there any words of wisdom that may help us along the way?

Thanks, Wayne

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