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How do you change the spark plugs in my 1991 ford aerostar. engine light keeps going off and on. I was told I my have a bad plug.
I own a 1991 ford areostar xlt elect.4 wheel dr. with a 4.o engine. when i apply the brakes or tun the steering wheel the shot shaft knuckles up like the suspension all move forward. I think the a frame bushings are b...
Elderly father parked car six months ago and now we can't get out of park. Engine starts fine.
is a press required for the wheel berrings?
The door was slammed shut one day and won't open anymore. pulling on the handle causes the door to make a "clunk" sound in the back like it is released, but it still won't budge.
my 1993 ford aerostar will not start
no compression in #1 cylinder redo the heads is that the solution and how much should i pay thanx
Ok here what I have done so far. I have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter. Changed plug and wires. Fuel pressure regulator has also been changed. The only way I can get it actually run is spraying carb spray int...
I took my van in to a mechanic because is was jumping and jerking. He told me my head had a hairline crack. I had no water in the oil and was not over heating. I went to NAPA and got a printout of my codes. It told me...
i have a pin hole in my heater hose.The hose splits off three ways one go's to the intake manifold and one go's to the heatercore and one runs to a metal pipe that runs across the front of the motor and down and to th...
My airbag light flashes twice over and over and I have an intermittent horn in-op issue. My ignition Cyl has been pretty loose and the key in beep will not go out when the key is out. I am thinking it might be part of...
I have been told there will be a pin/button to push. I can't find it. I don't think there is one. do have pictures? can you tell me how to remove the tumbler and key?
Fuel Pressure Regulator, screws are upside down difficult to unscrew , do i need to remove fuel rail to replace
the van will go into reverse but when changed to drive, 1st or 2nd gears the engine shuts off and no forward progress is made. any help out there?
Engine starts right up idles good untill i start driving then Runs Rough, Stalls, Hesitates on Acceleration, Hard Starting, Poor Performance. I replaced idle control motor
how do i know it it is the power steering pump is out or if the line needs to be changed out.
van shimmys at 45 mph tap lightly on brake it goes away but immediatly comes back did the tie rods got new tires (balanced and aligned) even had new rubber bushings on upper control arms.
Is it common to have to keep replacing the following part? Heater Valve; w/ 4-Port Valve; Front Unit. I just replaced it a few days ago and the one I removed had only been in use for 2 years.
how do I fix this auto parts store said I had to make my own part who is this possible
Where can I find a Smog referee station in my area ?
not cold weather battery fully charged no lose termanels . had reworked negative terminal removed and reinstalled no code
Everytime I try to start the engine when the motor is cold, it will not move when I put it in drive or reverse
I was starting the engine and let of the ignition too soon, turned the key again and when the engine started it was at a rough idle and then smoke and some sparks were seen under the dash somewhere or near the firewal...
I have a all wheel drive 91 ford aerostar and I don't know what could be wrong with it, when it gets to about 55 mph it starts to shake, not just the steering wheel, the whole van, and it runs through coolant like cra...
1995 ford aerostar. I have plenty of air pressure on defrost and floor but very little when it is placed in mix. Is this normal or is there a problem i csn fix
when i try to start the van nothing happens no sound at all and the lights sometimes dont work
brake pedal, when depressed, reaches the floorboard,,and will not stop readily, the brake fluid is full, and not appear to be leaking. what repairs will need to be done, and what will the expense be, estimate?
The serpentine belt came off my Aerostar yesterday. It was towed to a shop and got a call this morning that the water pump as let go. Any idea on the cost of replacing this water pump? I see the estimate on the web...
door lock stopped working on rear hatch. I close hatch and door won't hook to latch.
Do you change spark plugs with engine hot or cold?