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Catalyst evaporative system. What do I do .

The Mustang is leaking from the back into where the radio system is so I had to get my amplifier fixed but there is a leak in the hood towards the back.

Would like to have a rebuilt engine put in my vehicle.

Need.To know what has to be removed to replace power steering pump on 2005 Ford five hundred

it stops when i accelarate but continues again when i let off the gas. i put air in all tires and it still knocking/thumping. what could it be?

load..try and start the truck again and it starts and runs fine until you start back down the street...go a little ways and there it does it again... now i have checked the fuel pump and cleaned the gas tank, put new soark plugs and distributer and rotor but getting same results..also tryed to clean the intake the best i could with throttel body cleaner...

charged system up

My truck is only going backwards

ses light is on and I changed MAF sensor about a year ago

friend said engine was replaced, need to see what year the eng. is. States runs well until warmed up. check eng lite is on.

And for how long?

Nothing happens when it goes from Neutral to Drive or Reverse. It is like it does not engage. It has a dip stick. Where is the fill cap located?

The tensioner has been installed. Where can I get a video showing how to install the serpentine belt.

this is an on and off issue sometimes they work fine. tried both fobs with new batteries in each and issue continues

Why is my Power steering leaking at the pressure control valve and don't know why

this can occur while driving I have not had it happen right after driving and it just started

Or it's leaking for the seal are


I need to replace the water pump and I want yo know its location.

new struts and bushings have been installed but still very load banging comeing from front

Nothing was left on. Just bought car Friday. Technician came to house and had to jump start it. Drove back to dealership. Also noticed radio wasnt working. System check shows battery above minimum level. Everything checks out ok. Total system reset and radio still not working. My check hasn't even cleared the bank yet.

It's getting fire with switch on to coil about 12.25 volts still no sparks with brand new distributor and coil wore and spark plugs?

Can't figure out which fuse works sofa was working let daughter use it now it's no working any help would be appreciated thz

This problem didn't exist until I replaced the timing chain, when it feels like I hit the brake the engine continues to run fine

Hello I have a 02 escape same problem with all these questions about when it rains it runs like crap I have changed all coils fuel rail injectors plugs and harness for plugs and injector all vacuum lines etc checked for broke wires in pcm harness can't find the problem please someone help me it's real bad under load

very loud noise

Every time I 1st crank up guge is blank. Came on 10 min later. Up to 39-40 min now.

First time I had lights and radio and now it's just dead

Could the fuel filter be stopped up? I have had the surge valve replaced and the throttle replaced. Car surges or jumps while driving

Replaced my side passenger mirror and turned the key to acc and turned a/c off and whole car went dead. No power. Wonder if i blew a fuse.