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hoses has been checked for leaks, no leaks.

i have disconnected the battery but that is only a temporary fix. replaced tps 4 times in the past 2 and a half yrs

I UNFORTUNATLY PURCHASED A FORD FUSION LEMON. Not only has it had to get a new fuel pump at less than 60k miles, I had to replace the transmission at a cost of $3000.00, at only 80,000 miles. Of course my warranty expired at 60k The Ford Dealership in WHEATLAND, WY quoted me $6,500.00. When I talked to my local mechanic he asked if the Ford garage was plating it in GOLD. Yes, and they didn't offer to kiss me either. The Dealer was going to charge me $350.00 just to tow the car. I protested and he said we are "charging you what we get charged." When I complained the tow price miraculously decreased by $110.00 I had to rent a truck and trailer to tow the car back to Colorado so I wouldn't be held hostage by the Hiway ROBBER Gar=FORD GARAGE in WHEATLAND, WY Previously I had scheduled my car to have one of the many recalls installed a week prior to my trip. Only to be called a few days before the appointment to have someone call and say they don't have the parts. The ARAPAHOE FORD DEALERSHIP IN CO had previously ordered parts for a vehicle that we didn't even own anymore, for another recall before this instance You can't get an appointment to have the recalls installed because there are SO MANY Recalls, and they don't have the parts. REALLy ??? This car currently has 3 outstanding recalls in addition to the 2 previous ones, This car has been nothing but trouble since we drove it off the lot. I can't even trade it in for half of what I owe because of all the recalls. First I will NEVER EVER PURCHASE A FORD AGAIN. Second I want everyone to know what a POS this Year fusion is. I highly doubt anyone from ford even cars as all they have tried to do is rip me off

2012 f150 5.0l

Battery light came on when driving. Turned the truck off, it would turn over but no crank. Tested battery, battery is new and is fine. Truck would not start with a jump. Checked all fuses and they were fine. I sprayed a squirt of starting fluid into the throttle body and got it to start and run for an hour and a half until i turned it off. After turning it off it went back to turning over with no crank.

took off and replaced the fuel pump control module. Truck still wont turn over.

Took off the fuel line to the fuel rails. When trying to start the truck no fuel is coming out.

Bought a new fuel pump but haven't installed it because the fact that the battery light came on is throwing me for a loop. Any suggestions?

Blinker stop working then the techs tested the fuses and the brake lights stop working.

That is ALL of the detail! At how many miles should brake fluid be replaced?

Started out having a hard time starting, till wouldnt start. Tested the battery, it was no good. Bought new one, next day still having trouble starting maybe even worse. While driving, it was having trouble excelerating and wanted to die. To check the alternator, started the car and unhooked the battery and the car died. So I changed the alternator, not really being for sure that was the problem. As soon I put a new one in the charge system light came on. Again that didn't make anything better. Drove to auto zone , died on at a stop sign wwouldn't start . All the lights went out like the battery was died. After about 20 mins I tired to start it and it started with help. Make it to auto zone and it died. No code read on the engine . Please help

what else do you need to know

As soon as I start the car it chimes. Locked seat belts and all. It goes off after another five seconds. This has just started.

What number on the fuse box is the brake light fuse

Truck needed a new computer so mechanic put in a used one and couldn't program it/re-key it(?). So it set in his yard while he tried to find someone to re-key it. During this time, mice ate any wiring they could. Mechanic never found someone to re-key truck and couldnt get truck started to make sure new (old) computer is working. Had it towed to a dealership. Was told it would cost more to re-wire it then its worth. It's now sitting in my front yard. Could I rewire it myself? I'm not a mechanic, have never worked on vehicles but just wondering... how much would re-wiring it cost? (If I could find anyone to do it!) Thanks for any advice or help

Seems to happen more if it idled for a while with the AC on. After it sits for a couple hours it will start again. Seems like vapor lock but no pressure at fuel cap , plenty of electric strength but doesn't even make a click when trying to start.

no miss fires while monitoring. plugs are new plugs showed sign of excessive fuel.

Also what are the size of the pipes that the catalytic converter connects to.

88 degree day. Full tank of gas. Kinda sputtered twice during restart attempts. Could it be the brain box CPU thing or is it fuel filters or pump? The vehicle has run incredibly well ever since I bought it in 2002. I am the only owner and van has had regular maintenance ongoing every 3 to 5 thousand miles. Triton V-10 Engine, 15 passenger Van with towing package.

I had a head job done about 3 years ago. A few months back truck started running bad would barely go almost as if cat. Converter was stopped up. Codes po300 po301 po303 po305 came up. So i took those 3 spark plugs out. They had alot of carbon build up on them so i cleaned them like new put back in codes went off. I drove for a month no problems then same thing again. So i cleaned put back in it ran worse than ever so i changed coil pack still the same. I carried to a mechanic. He is tryn to tell me it has blown head gasket again but it doesnt run hot or use water and oil or water wasnt on plugs neither was any fuel. I feel like he is trying to fuck me over. I know that only reason these codes should come up is because #1 to much or not enough air #2 not enuff fire #3 not enough or to much fuel.. has anyone had this problem with your 07 sport trac 4.0L? And how did you get it fixed? Ive had nothing but problem with this piece of shit ill never buy another ford their junk!!

It is in anti-theft mode, and when I put it in the ignition, the anti-theft light blinks, and the vehicle won't start.


Catalyst evaporative system. What do I do .

The Mustang is leaking from the back into where the radio system is so I had to get my amplifier fixed but there is a leak in the hood towards the back.

Would like to have a rebuilt engine put in my vehicle.

Need.To know what has to be removed to replace power steering pump on 2005 Ford five hundred

it stops when i accelarate but continues again when i let off the gas. i put air in all tires and it still knocking/thumping. what could it be?

load..try and start the truck again and it starts and runs fine until you start back down the street...go a little ways and there it does it again... now i have checked the fuel pump and cleaned the gas tank, put new soark plugs and distributer and rotor but getting same results..also tryed to clean the intake the best i could with throttel body cleaner...

charged system up

My truck is only going backwards

ses light is on and I changed MAF sensor about a year ago

friend said engine was replaced, need to see what year the eng. is. States runs well until warmed up. check eng lite is on.

And for how long?

Nothing happens when it goes from Neutral to Drive or Reverse. It is like it does not engage. It has a dip stick. Where is the fill cap located?