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I have 45psi on the low side gauge/
When theproblem happens if I don't dis connect the battery I will lose the batttery in about 1hr
I wanted to find out if I have to remove the engine to get the pan off of the transmission, as one site says.
My 1998 F150 5.4 V8 has 32,861 original miles. Battery light came on and won't go off. I have owned the truck for 6 months and have put 1000 miles on it since I got it. With engine off battery reads 12.3 volts, engine running battery reads 14.41 volts. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
only get air out of defrost vents no matter what setting it is on.blend door actuator was bad replaced it .still no heat and air only out of defrost.nothing works fine.
4x4 does not engage i replaced the module switch and transfer case motor already. Try it no light no sound and it worked the other day,just nothing now
the light or illumination doesn't work. I see the keepers inside the overhead trough to remove, but cannot extract the cover easliy how do I get access.
Everything just happened yesterday but transmission has been dropping out of gear for sometime now.
Our truck will not start in Park (which is normal). I have to start in Neutral. What is the problem?
My brake pedal was going to the floor, bled the brakes, replaced pads, rotors and all fuil lines and also master cylinder, and now brake booster but the new ones pedal rod is too short and brake light stays on. Anything suggestions on how to fix?
Heater fan stuck on high, no lights to heater control panel. Cool is hair blows only. Temp select not working. Switching to defrost or feet or center blower doesn't work at all
Thanks so much. F150, 2004, automatic. 4 dr. Has AC
2012 Ford Explorer AWD
The headlights will not go off as long as my car is running. Even if I turn them off they stay on. My highbeams will not turn off either. The only time my lights will go out is after the car has been off for 10 minutes. We have checked the fuses.
When vehicle is idle, ac gets warm. When vehicle moving, cool air
Everything is new, full of freon. Running a jumper wire from the starter wire made it blow cold air. A mechanic thought it was ecu, brought one out, no
Does anyone know how to quieten the whine of a power steering pump? I have flushed and refilled the fluid. Added Lucas PS additive, still have the whine. The only reason I haven't replaced it is because I've heard even the new ones whine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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