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My f350 is a 6.4 power stroke diesel

It is cooler in the am so there is no noise.. as the day gets warmer the noise gets louder.

has done this several times, wait until sun goes down and it will start

It turns over and there is spark. Battery is charged, My fiance knows a lot about cars but he is stumped. He used either to try to help as well.

It opened fine, then I filled the trunk with luggage and when I arrived the trunk would only open half way. I checked to see if the hinges were blocked and didn't see anything. Could it have anything to do with the emergency pull cord?

machine said to replace ignition coil A but not sure which one that is

car is dead, no lights or power

Cannot open power rear lift gate, rear blinker light out and cannot replace without opening lift gate., Makes noise like it's trying to open but will not release. Tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting but still did not work.

all the time

Fault code was p0340 replaced camshaft position sensor and plug on right bank and cleared the code. Battery is new and alternator output is between 13.5 and 14.5 volts ac output was .031 milliamps drove approx. 30 miles without check engine light, stopped vehicle and restarted it a hair and check engine light is back on again. Does it need to complete a longer drive cycle or several before the fault will clear

I am having issues with the drive cycles to get the obd2 readiness completes. O2, o2 heater and cats are not ready. I do have a scan tool that show weather or not the monitors are ready . I never had this issue before and I have had the Ford racing cal tune since new. Is there a simple drive cycle for 2011 mustang gt

The ac blows cold but on max feels like a well working ac on maybe half blast at best.

When I turn my key over nothing happens. There is no noise, it doesn't even try to start. The battery is new. For the past few months before it died the open door light and the dome lights would come on while I was driving. I was can't lock my car because the alarm will go off. The only way I can get it to start is if I hold the battery wires together for 10 secs and then hook them back up. Please help.

Very frustrating. Numerous batteries replaced. New alternator installed & still occurring. It seems possessed!

Problem occurs every time the front wheels are not straight.

When I start my Escape, it makes a strange sound, and the sound persist when I turn my steering wheel. After a while it stops. Also, my oil change light is used to light up, but it doesn't anymore. The strange sound it makes when I turn the wheel happens daily. Thanks, hope this helps.

I have a 2001 expedition with a 4.6 that needs a trans i found one out of a 5.4 of the same year. Will everything swap over with no problems

what could be wrong also after driving some when u shut it off it wont crank for awhile.then u can push gas to floor and it will crank

Mirror got k ocker off and the wires connecting it were cut by someone and the wires touched after that the windows and interior lights won't work.

its a 3.0L engine. i need a list of all necessary parts and tools required

Can it be done with out removing the whole dash

Have replaced the coil ,wires and plugs. OD off light is on always. 2months ago it started lugging and stalling coming up to a stop unless I down shit. Now it stalls everytime I shift from park or neutral, to Drive.

my 4 wheel drive automatic ford explorer's transmission went out when son tried to smoke the tires on senior day. Got another transmission and installed it. It ran ok for six miles, and now it quit and car will not go into any gear. gear shift works, but car will not go into any gear and will not move at all. motor runs fine. Please help me. What could cause this.

replaced cable ends,checked wires.battery is old but is holding 12.80 volts.

Oil pressure all of a sudden not registering full on oil runs fine

ac won't cool

problem occurrs whilie driving

The truck is cooling just fine until I come to a stop then stops Cooling starts cooling again when I take off and start driving

When you apply pressure to brake pedal it does NOT MOVE !

Recently replace the camshaft position sensor and the EGR valve and the canister purge valve. My gas mileage has recently increased but code 340 keeps coming up