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Power Steering Assist failure warning came on intermittently and the steering felt difficult in my 2011 Ford Fusion while I was out of town. I took the car to the nearest Ford Dealer who told me the problem could either be a software update was needed or a steering gear was going out. They diagnosed the problem to be a steering gear going out but didn't have the part, so it was ordered and supposed to be in next day. It didn't come in the next day and I was already 2 days overdue, the warning light was out and the car was steering okay so I nervously drove it on home. We then took the car to our local Ford dealer who told us that there were no codes or problems showing up on the car so they could not fix it and we'd just have to wait until the warning came on again. Why wouldn't the problem with the steering gear still show up in diagnostics if it hadn't been repaired? How dangerous is it to just keep driving the car until the warning light or code comes back on and the power steering fails?
Car stalled like ran out of fuel but full tank. No starter. Turn signals and break lights not flashing or break lights on all the time even with key off.
When I turn the key to the start position Te ignition lights do not come on. There is no indication of power in the dash. The interior lights come on, the dtrl comes on and horn sounds good so I know it is not a battery issue.
I've lost one hubcap and the car is old so i just want to get a secondhand hubcap. There's one for sale but it's a 2002 so I want to know will it fit my car?
2006 ford Taurus v6. haven't had any other problems prior, except battery went out. Could it possibly be spark plugs need replacing. I checked the fuel pump Cutoff button, reset it and changed my fuel filter so far
My heater is blowing cold air on driver's side and hot air on passenger side
A few weeks ago I noticed my 2003 XLT was leaking a bit toward the front (near the engine) and slightly off center toward the right of the center line. At first it looked like water (although it took forever to evaporate) but yesterday I noticed that the fluid was much darker and don't believe it is water anymore (dark brown and oily). Thoughts? I have pictures but it won't let me upload here.
Trans will not shift to 3rd or4gear when overdrive is turned on rpm will go but no traction in rear end till 35mph
When I accelerate the tachometer goes very high and then I have to let off the gas so it can drop into gear
Happens when wheel is turned to left
Occurs all the time
Anchor will not keep the seat belt attached
at first only had air coming out of defrost.blend door actuator was bad replaced it now it works.did not solve the problem.a mechanic named pushrod on this site sent a youtube link watched a video rerouted vacuum line all vents work as they should now.did not solve the problem.replaced thermostat.did not solve the problem.back flushed heater core.did not solve the problem.still no heat.plenty of air at vents. went to to auto parts stores both said should be a valve on one of the heater hoses that should open and close to let hot water flow i dont find any such valve.
It just died going down the road! It still has battery power cause the headlights come on but when i turn the switch, nothing! No click, no nothing!
When starting the E 350 it's taking multiple key turns, to start the motor. The actual starter seems to be just fine.
Heater blows out cold air on driverside and warm air on passenger side
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