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I've replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, battery starter, crank sensor, 2 PCM, engine wiring harness with fuse and relay box all in one, it will fire when spray starting fluid in the throttle body and it will try to start and if put enough it start for a second. It's spark and compression but the injectors are not working I put noid lights on and the lights never flash I have purchased two cam sensors and not replaced them yet because it's showing an electric pulse so it just want start anyone know anything about it.

The PCM twice and the fuel pump and fuel filter and crankshaft sensor the engine wiring harness with fuse and relay box. Starter and battery alternator and. But it's been sitting for over a year the steering column antenna for the PATS security system. And it will try to start if you spray starting fluid in the throttle body. I got 2 camshaft sensors. I haven't put on yet. It's firing and compression but I think the fuel injectors are not firing. I need help I'm just doing the shade tree mechanic I've been just replaced piece after piece and the locksmith has been out 3 times.

2004 ford lightning with 5.4 is making a burping sound out of air filter and intake

engine is making a burping boor sound out of the air intake filter

we also bled the whole system but the pedal remains down? what is the problem

When starting, the engine cranks over many times before starting

It happens only when I am driving and it does not matter if I hit a bump, pothole, or even turn. Please let me know. I was told a boot to a spring. I do not think that is correct. Please help. Now over time it has become louder and consistent.

once every 10 days or so car will come out of drive then let off the gas and goes back into gear when going 30-40 mph

hot and cold stays in middle.. temp sign flickers dimly

car running above normal temp.

how can you tell if the water pump is bad?

I have a 1992 f150 v8 and the transmission sometimes shifts very hard or bangs 1st and 2nd gear any ideas welcome thank you cardman

2 days it but cranked did't start

It's an automatic 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost I4. I enjoy the extra power sport+ gives but I hate shifting.

the only issue we had with it before is that it would lose power on inclines

on occasion, all of a sudden the engine will not exceed 3000 rpm and the vehicle will not go above 30 mph and will begin to buck and sputter. already installed new plugs and wires. runs ok under 3000 rpm then will suddenly start working ok again. very scary on the highway when this happens.

My son went to his car and the floors were soaked. Figured out it was the rain water plugs that were clogged (under the wipers). I fixed that issue but now the A/C won't turn on and it worked before. The A/C power lights come on inside the car but nothing happens...
do you know what might be the problem here?

I never got informed about the power steering control module box and it was icy out and it shut down on me I lost all steering and braking didn't work from the ice ended up off of the road the both sides of my car has bumps all along the them along with a cracked windshieldnow that outs hit out my ac wound work they said it was due to damage. And want mbre to shell okie almost a grand to fix out. What should I did?

it occurs every time i drive it. at first we thought that if we flushed all the fluids thats why it could be bad but still idles weird. It says its running on lean when i read it with codes.

Replaced IAC, TPS, CTS, ICM, cleaned throttle body and MAF. Smoke tested.
No codes. Dealer said IAC needs to be motocraft, but part obsolete.

The voltage meter on my dash for the battery is really low it's not in the middle where it usually is. Can you tell what could be wrong? I checked the battery cables and they are tight.

Driving and just died. Won't start but sounds like it will, won't turn over.

when starting the car the ignition light and the fuel cap light light on permanently, the suv runs well, so far.


Was driving n cut off battery light came on first I jump start it n it crank but as soon I take jumper cables off car cut off. First time it ever did this

My f350 is a 6.4 power stroke diesel

It is cooler in the am so there is no noise.. as the day gets warmer the noise gets louder.

has done this several times, wait until sun goes down and it will start

It turns over and there is spark. Battery is charged, My fiance knows a lot about cars but he is stumped. He used either to try to help as well.

It opened fine, then I filled the trunk with luggage and when I arrived the trunk would only open half way. I checked to see if the hinges were blocked and didn't see anything. Could it have anything to do with the emergency pull cord?