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I have a 2000 ford mustang v6 when I am driving the battery drains and the car stops. I have a new battery
Replaced blend door actuator and thermostat. At idle there is cool air blowing but after warm up will make hand blistering heat from 2000 RPM up with truck sitting in park. If I let RPM drop back to idle heat goes cool again. No coolant leak anywhere. HELP!!!
in dash door ajar light is lit and when i open the doors the interior light will not come on but after i turn car off and lock doors 10 minutes later interior light and outter mirror lights come on and stay on
my check engine light came on on my 2008 Ford Exployer and the code is P0442
when I looked up it said to replace gas cap, but mine doesn't have a gas cap
I have a 06 Fusion SE Auto with 233k miles. I had to pull over and have it towed home because I it suddenly just stopped turning the wheels (like in neutral). I can move the shifter but whenever shift into park it makes a creaking/grinding sound for a second on the left side.

I know the left (driver side) CV is bad, about a month ago I took it to a shop for tire change and they told me the left axle shaft seal is leaking and the whole shaft needs replaced. It was not noticeable so I kept driving it. Check engine was on before but it's engine related.

Everything else including engine work just fine.

My question is, could a bad CV axle on just one side cause this? Would fixing replacing the left CV axle fix it?

raddle noise when traveling on 6th gear, anyone with the same noise that can shed a light on what the problem could be
Sometimes the car will start sometimes it doesn’t I have taking it everywhere and I am being told there is nothing wrong with the car I have replace the battery the starter spot plugged everything I can possibly think of and it’s still doing the same thing when the car doesn’t crank but don’t start every sensor and light in the car come on engine tune up gas windshield tune up batteries every single thing light up I don’t know what is wrong with the car and no one can tell me what’s wrong with it
the longer we go the writs it gets.
When my car is locked and I try to get into it the alarm won't sound as a theft , but it goes off from the remote. What do I need to do to make the alarm sound if someone was trying to break in?
the ford website states 405 lb ft - 385 hp for vehicles under 10k gvwr and 397 lb ft - 316 hp for vehicles over 10k gvwr. my truck is 10k gvwr is that considered over or under???
heres what happen ,,i was having problems with my radar detector that was hard wire to a positive wire that only came live when turning the key on ,,the positive wire on the radar detector made contact the ground ,and then i lost all power to my instrument panel and starting the truck,, checked all fuses and found no blown fuse,, what could this problem of lost of all starting power ..
Transmission keeps shifting to 3rd gear
car knocking and want climb hill and engine vibrates
Why won't the key turn? Has worked fine for 10 years. Tried moving the tilt steering, jiggling the shifter, turning key over, nothing works. Key won't turn.
Hello, I have have a 2000 Ford Excursion with a V10 Triton. It is not lifted I do not go off road with it. I am looking for advice on shocks. Everyone that I have talked with has said to go with Bilstein shocks. But what I'm reading is most people that have Jeeps or go off-roading or have lifted their trucks that's what they're using mostly. I have always taken my trucks and gotten Monroe's put on them or taking them to the Ford dealership. I'm looking for some advice I'm not quite sure what to do. I do Toe with it occasionally mostly around 3500 lb to 4,000 lb never over 7. Thank you in advance for your advice
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