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Will a 1997 Ford F150 4 wheel drive transmission fit my 99 F150 4-wheel drive 4.6 motor

happens when changing gerars and hard stop

Followed directions o program new remote without results.

It shuts off continuly.

I need a radiator replacement with hoses and thermostat.

I have a coolant leak and I suspect it's the radiator but I'm not sure. What signs are there that my water pump has failed?

Looking for the location of the orifice tube.

I know I might start and lube the trans often, but still want to make sure it is ok to do so ?

both driver and passage electric seats won't move fwd or aft. tilt fwd aft good, up down works for both seats

Noticed it was losing power going up a steep hill on freeway. It runs, not freeway safe. Had all the fluids topped off, oil changed, new oil filter and air filter, could it be the fuel filter>

What is most probably the cause of crank no start issue?

I started my car the other day and turned the AC on high. Drove a mile. Smelled something almost burnt- only smelled for about 30 seconds- and then a loud click and my AC system stopped. No fan noise. No hot air blowing. Only power lights to the controls will work. Only issue I've had on this car and the air has been blowing cold all summer.

my ford excursion 2003 6.0 turbo is not shifting gear when driving and the the overdrive light is flashing and wont go off .ive changed fuel filters , we need a air filter but ther're to exspensive right now.anyway there no power to the get-go to the turbo?

I just need the top replaced after it was slashed apparently with a knife. The existing rear glass does not need to be replaced

My 2006 taurus passenger front window won't roll up. And my radio won't come on either

Remote to car does not open car or start it. Battery in remote is good. Car is dead.

power seats, fan blower motor, 4 wheel drive, back- up camera dont work. radio wont turn off with vehicle power is off, have to hit the off button to turn off. I check all the fuses, all good. is there a relay or somthing that controls all this?

just bought the truck from a second party last week. everything seemed good. on Friday coming from work in the heat of las vegas. the truck got hot and stalled out checked the water and what looks like oil was mixed in with the coolant.

The starter and battery are good. lights come on. starter turns over good, but engine will not engage.

I didn't turn the key all the way off and the battery ran down. Now it will not jump off but the dash lights and radio will come on but will not crank

Used fuel injector cleaner and changed fuel filter. Ran very good. Now its running rough even while at full speed. It acts likes its not getting gas or needs a tune up which I have done.

the window doesn't move at all

Especially noticeable on the freeway. Truck drives normally until you lift your foot off the accelerator to slow down (like in traffic). When you accelerate again, you can feel the truck missing or slightly hesitating.

I noticed my oil light kept coming on in my Taurus every time my car is not moving but when I'm driving it goes off. Last night I noticed my brake light came on. I have had the tensioner pulley and another pulley that sits directly above it replaced. I've also replaced the serpentine belt. After I replaced the upper pulley the light stop coming on and then started back again. While I was driving the belt tore to shreds and luckily I made it to an auto part store. They said it sounded like it was my tensioner pulley so I replaced it and unfortunately they gave me a belt that was too small and they were closed when I found this out. So I put my old belt back on because it looked fine and I needed to get home which is the next town over. Now I've noticed my oil light is brighter now when I'm sitting at a light but my car doesn't need oil. Last night while I was driving I noticed my brake light came on and went back off. I checked to see if my e brake was on but it wasn't. So I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. Thank you in advance.

Window on the driver side is not clearing up

When I step on the gas it fires right up

Nothing works.

I can see steam coming out of exhaust pipe on acceleration

It has no power. It won't turn over. Nothing works.

I checked the battery and the battery cables.