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My car clicking door l8cks by its self while driving like iam pushing button. Why what would cause this ty
It only runs on high it is not the switch inside all i get is high
Code B1676 is showing when coded. The ABS control module is bad. I would like to know where it is located on my 2001 Ford Escape and how I can replace it.
Blew heater hose on Ranger, truck gradually lost power, then would not start. Motor turns over. Pulled spark plug wires on coil pack and it had moisture accumulated in plug hose. Could high temperature or high steam temperature cause coil pack failure?
When I turn on the heat or air nothing comes through my vents but when the air conditioning is turned on I still hear that extra noise under my hood so I’m thinking it’s just hopefully a fuse
problem just started truck makes a clanging sound a mech says I need new timing chain
the truck has 226000
r. anti lock light on
1999 Ford Taurus. 165,000 miles. AX4S

About 15 month ago it developed a "funny" when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Hard to describe. More of a noise/sound. The gear shift would "over-hang", shift at the wrong speed with a funny noise (HummmmoFFF).

About 3 months ago the noise improved, but the shifting quality changed. Depending on how hard you accelerate, there is a "clunk" when going from 1st to 2nd.

Starting today I only have two gears. Reverse and 1st. If I leave the transmission in drive, when the 1st-to-2nd shift comes, the transmission drops out of gear (like it’s in neutral, engine revs, no transmission noise/no bang/no clunk, nothing, just engine revs).

If shift column select 1st gear, it stays in first.
No tranny noises.
Transmission oil level is correct.
Transmission oil and filter was changed 12 months ago.
Transmission oil is “Clear Pink”. Good color/no funny-burnt odor.
No codes are being set.

What is the problem? Valve Body?
After looking under my newly purchased 07 expedition for the source of a loud nocking when on rough roads. I found that there where no bushings left on the body mounts. why would they wear out so fast. how much does it cost to replace?
Happens when I cut the truck off eventually starts and runs great. Sounds like it's just having the gas cut off or a kill switch on the steering wheel is being engaged. Steering wheel isn't locking either, noticed that today. Once it cranks runs good.
I will be replacing my power steering pump this weekend. Right now it has Pennzoil ATF in it which states it is compatible with Dextron and Mercon applications. I was planning on using Mercon V but have heard Mercon and Mercon V aren't compatible together. Does anyone have any suggestions on this?
cannot engage or disengage gears although if I pump the clutch long enough it does come back up somewhat but dies again when driving. No leaks detected.
Car runs very well it just jerks hard when you put in in gear. After in gear it's fine.
left rear turnindicator did not work, new bulb did not help, original bulb is not burned out, could it have its own fuse?
read above please
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