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My E150 losses pressure when driving about 20 minutes feels like it's blocked it takes some time to build power from idle to stop. Every 2 to 3 days I ave to refill radiator?

No foward or reverse

On and now they say the pcm is out and I need a new computer. Did they do somthing wrong when installing my battery to make my computer skrew up?

Sometimes the A/C works properly for a short time after starting the vehicle then you can hear the diverter close and the fan motor keep blowing. What might the problem be?

The light just came on for the first time today. Just the light that is shaped like an engine. How do I interpret and repair these issues? I have an Innova 3030 code reader that does powertrain, chassis and body codes. There are no driving symptoms, the vehicle was getting 39 mpg while the light was on steady for an hour today. I can try to erase the codes.

The air wouldn't go on today. And the don't work either. Help

It goes into the other gears fine but like 30 mph , it has a problem shifting to next gear the RPM's get higher, so I let of the gas and it goes into gear. But later when it needs to downshift out of the gear, it goes in hard. What is wrong wgat do I need to do ?

Advance auto checked my alternator and battery. Told that alternator was bad so I purchased a new alternator. my battery then went dead so I purchased a new battery. When I went back to have the new alternator and battery checked I was told the new alternator was not charging the battery and that it could be an electrical problem. I changed the solenoid switch, voltage regulator and replaced the alternator again. Same problem alternator not charing the battery. I did noticed that the switch to starter cable had a melted burnt spot on it where the cable fits into it. Could this be my problem. Vehicle is 1984 Ford f-150 pickup 302 5.0 liter engine. Please help?

in the engine?

this is an automatic 4x4

I pressed my brakes and felt a vibration with a sound like a thud.

It happens all,the time.

My zip code is 30125. Was low on oil last Wed. Put 2 quarts in and everything seemed fine. Today Tuesday of the following week oil light came back on. Checked the oil level it was low again. Put two more quarts in. Oil light is still on and engine is starting to sound like a diesel. Oil level is good on dip stick. This is the 6 cylinder engine. Noise gets really bad under load such as going up hill trying to accelerate or even when using ac.

Have new battery alternator is good no codes but battery light still comes on and goes off every little bit of a time

when i replace the fuse it lasts a couple of days then blows out at cold start

gauge goes from past full then back to what may be the right level

scan tool says must be pluged in as if i have no signal at dianostic port. could this be a computer problem? car runs but acts like its in limp mode.

left baseball game and drove a couple miles in stop/go driving then got up on the freeway, then the engine lost power and the trans would jerk around till it was stopped. had elect. power thru this. after stopped I turned to motor off and everything mostly worked. transmission took some time to "remember" the shift points. this had happened once before, and I assume that the battery is good as it was replaced last summer?

This problem doesn't happen every time but when it does you continuously have to reset the dual air control on the passenger side to low.

My engine light stays on.

Replaced bad starter relay 2 months ago, then neutral position sensor 1 week ago. All was well for 4 days, now problem is back. If I wait 2 - 4 hours, truck will start. But now we are having 110+ weather, so problem is going to get worse?

Need to replace rear wheel studs

Does anyone know what size disconnect I need to remove the fuel filter? I heard there are two sizes, 3/8" or 5/16".

It doesn't do it unless it sits for a couple of hours and when I press the clutch it makes a loud ticking noise and it gets faster as I go faster

My truck runs great!that is once you get it started!I've replaced the fuel filter,air filter,plugs,wires and ignition coil,but that has'nt sovled the problem.Someone told me it might be the TFI module?anyone ever had this problem?

I got trans service but not flushed repair shop recommend not to flush might cause more problems. p1700 code wont pass smog i hope its just the sensor, no reverse or drive but can use drive is i start in3 rd and shift easy and light on gas cant push on gas when in drive it slips,check engine lights on sometimes if i slip it flashes i pull over turn off and turn on and it s fine and a few months ago i had reverse and drive for a week or 2 untill i acidentlly pushed the gas and it slipped back

I put a new oil pump. Spark plugs, crank and cam sensor and oil pressure sensor. Still won't start.

From cold start RPM goes to 1500 and rises to 2000 RPM. After a minute drops to1100 rpm and stays there. Put in drive drops to normal. When car is warmed up it will start and idle at normal RPM.

Check engine light is on.

I used an air compressor to clean the dirt and debris from the engine now my truck makes a loud clicking/banging noise underneath the truck in the rear by the exhaust.