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When i turn the truck on the odometer goes off but about 10miles down the road it'll come back on why is that
I smell burning oil and may be an oil gasket leak. Is this a recall issue? My son looked and felt oil leaking from the gasket.
the lights are quite bright and horn working very well. keyless entry. There is powerin the dashboard
The engine revs up like it wants to take off, I have to almost press the brakes all the way down just to keep the car from taking off. And on a few occasions it seem like I am burning rubber.
Cars idle, was running rough, overheating, lost antifreeze,stalling, motor would shut down quietly at traffic lights and I had to put it in neutral & press on the accelerater, preventing stalling? My escort, while driving recently,made two noises, a warping sound, and shut down! Tried to start it and theres power but wont turn-over? While driving, no indication of overheating, & still has antifreeze, & oil in motor. Ty for your help?

put in a new thermostat. when it idles the temp hand goes up to normal.
when i drive it falls back down to cold. The heater blows cold air out on defrost and warm air out on the floor. I do not know what is wrong with my heater.
Starter replacement
Broke a screw off when trying to take off the harmonic balance
Should I fix it, dealer says it will cost about $2000, or am I going to start having more problems, and go for a new car?
hit the door lock from key pad and now car won't start
I went to a drive through carwash, then I drove it home and noticed that engine was knocking.
I parked the vehicle and then backed out of my driveway and noticed it knocking more. when backing out! It has 120,300 miles on it, I bought it from a Lexus Dealer 5 days ago. Per/Dealer info they said it was current on its scheduled maintenance. Wondering if it blew a plug, due to the undercarriage wash?
*No check engine light came on. THX
How do I fix a broken gas pedal I'm pulled over and I want to know will I make it home and it's to the floor and how do I get it fixed Mazda tribute
This warning light came on when driving up hill while towing rv

The ford manual said to contact Ford?

After stopping truck and restarting the light went out?
Cost to get ECT replaced in a 99 for expedition
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