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I drove my 2016 Ford Fusion SE home from work, I pulled into driveway, i put vehicle into park & its coming up that its in Neutral. Shifter is stuck. Will not move out of park position at this time.
I got told with out the smog my ac won't work it blows hot air only
Recently experiencing the issue while driving my Air bag, check fuel cap, battery and seatbelt warning signals go on and OD shuts of (happens all at the same time). I took car to be service and mechanic said that no codes came up. The warning signals come on and off at random
What is happening or going wrong when notice comes on, " check fuel fill inlet' ?
No noises. I was driving along my 07 Ford Edge for hot no major leaking anti-freeze anywhere, then when I would turn on the air-conditioning/heat it dripped slightly. Continue to get worse, now leaks out as soon as I put anti-freeze in. No anti-freeze in the oil..but is leaking along the rail and see it on both sides of the motor. Need help to better understand the situation. Thank u for ur time with answering my question.
When I drive with the lights turned off it starts again fine.
If I boost it it also starts without any problem after running with the lights on.
Starts fine every time I run with the lights off, but the 2 times I've tested driving with my lights on it's like the alternator is not charging the battery.

When it doesn't start the interior and dash lights come on but the engine will not turn over and then starts clicking like a dead battery.
Once it is jumped seems to charge again fine and starts multiple times if the lights have not been turned on.
I have Ford Escape hybrid 2011. Sometimes it loses power while driving and when it loses power it makes steering get little harden And also losing smoothness of car movements Like all the shocks are getting weak and not working as it supposed to. But sometimes it comes back normal and almost everything runs normal. It happens often. I did cleaned throttle body and changed all the spark plug and test the diagnostic test but no codes and checked the battery and cleaned the hybrid battery in rear end . It did help little bit by doing all those but still it happens often. Only I didn't change is coolant fan coz sometimes left side fan is not working properly.
I have a 2012 F-350 superduty cab/chasis and I need to remove the rear headrest....
Soundslike something is hittng my feet on the passenger side of vehicle
i have an ford explorer can you inter exchcange k for e transmission
The truck will start but it's acting like it's not getting enough fuel. And it dies unless you keep your foot on the gas. I am also getting 02 censors code not sure where to start
My truck doesn't start , but if you turn key on and off several times it finally starts . has a starting system fault on . I replaced the battery in my key faub and when I unlock it I have 15 seconds to start or security sounds go off . does the key need reprogrammed ??
It won't reverse n it gets stuck.
The truck acts like it's trying to run hot with in 8 miles pressure on cap
we bought the car with 4,000 miles on it.. ford says change every 10,000 the warning will come on dash. I just wonder if I should change since oil is 2+ years old reguardless of milage
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