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Tranny is going out slowly.

The box is 57ins long. What kind of kit do you have for this as the sides of the bed are not flat.

Door locks won't even work, first time problem. Almost seems like there would be a main circuit breaker open. Absolutely no warning,

error coded P0174 and P0430

how much to repair? Car was running on one quart (not 6 quarts) of oil then excessive noise started and we filled the oil and it lessened by still clanging away

I got this explorer a few weeks ago and I replaced the battery and alternater and battery cables and the check charging system is dinging like crazy but the battery stays charged the lights dont dim and the gauge stays right where it should be I can't figure out why I took it to the dealership and it all tests normal I have no idea whats going on

new engine was put in, ever since the front heat doesn't work. it has 2 rear heaters and they work great. this is a transit bus.

the dome light, windows, and wipers work at times and do not work at times.

When advance auto parts hooked my car up to computer it gave a Bank 1 & Bank 2 Lean and I'm not sure what it keeps skipping and has no power

I just found out about adjust mentioned I'll try that first

My headlights get up but don't want to turn on light...?

e smoke on accellerating,then losing power as spark plugs get fouled. then black acrid smoke from tail pipe.$4000.00 in unsuccesful repair attempts.can anyone diagnose this problem? built in diagnostics inop!

Having problems shifting

Changed plugs and ignition coils and cleaned throttle body. Runs way better but seems to suck gas bad. Owned since new and never this poor mileage

It began 03/09/2017

If I drive it every day for awhile it will start the next morning but if sits for about 12hours it's got to be jump start I've been unhooking my battery post but it is Waring my terminals out its been a issue I'd like to get fix thanks.

And my lock sign blinks on and off

My 2003 explorer, 4 wd, 6 cyl, stalled and will not crank at all. The battery seems to have power. The headlights, cluster lights and radio come on. When i try and start it...nothing. the mileage lights go out. No clicking...just nothing. I tried to clean and tighten the battery cables. Even tried to replace the ground cable. Any advice?

Was running really rough, got new plugs, rotaet and wires now runs great but idles so slow it threatens to die.

Does it in all types of weather doesn't matter what the temperature is

Truck won't start acks bound up after putting tranny back in

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lite came on car runs fine

Looking to buy used. Owner says engine solid but transmission skips in higher gear range. Is that a maintenance service or a bad tranny about to die?

buying a 2005 crown Victoria owner aays the rocker arm is needed no idea what that is or should i buy or put the money

it wont even start if I spray start how can I get it started

Dirt road caused a lot of problems in the past with the wiring harness.

how to change fuel injectors on 2005 F-150 4.6

.. I know I am for sure missing one would it be best to replace all of them or just the one needed

Engine started out stalling and cutting off and backfired a few times and now will not start at all

Replaced ignition control module and distributor

Checked power relay and fuel pump relay all are good

Fuel pump primes

Thinking about replacing crankshaft position sensor