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Need help from MECHANIC
My clutch is going and getting done this week but only yesterday I was driving and my gears popped out from 4th when accelerating could that be the gearbox/clutch/4th gear selector??

Just hoping it’s not gearbox really as if there doing my clutch if it’s the selector surely he can do that at same time as fitting clutch?
What your thoughts???
It is a fiat Palio 2002
I'm not sure about the year or model, but I know its a Fiat! I rented a car in Greece and found myself in a ditch driving through the mountains (genius, I know). There are some scratches on the driver's side. I can see a lot of white. Under the driver's side door there is a dent at the bottom and the paint has completely come off at one spot. There is some peeled paint, as in I can see the black layer underneath the blue, at the bottom front and back left corner. These are relitively small, but the mark in the back is noticable. Not sure they'll see the ones in the front.

I'm returning it tomorrow and I am wondering how much I might expect to pay in fees. I know costs in Greece are different but I'd like to know what I might expect to pay. As in, will I have to pay the full 600 euro deposit?

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