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Abs unplugd motor ran noisey even when cars off. . Brakes ok. Check engine light abs brake light on. Next day speedo stopd working. I heard its common for this combo. But. The trani feels like its shifting to high rpm 1 st to 3nd. Should the trani be affected.
Head light just quit working. The fuse it shows in the book, has no fuse? And they work before?
Does it need two or four wheel alingment
Had the lightning bolt indicator come on my dashboard 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 change the electronic throttle control and truck will not idle or stay running what could it be???? Stuck .... Help please
Happened twice , hit bump came on, hit another bump went off, next day, hit bump came on, but even though I've hit humps this time it has not gone off.
Po84b code says low fluid is one problem and shift module is another
This code calls my check engine light to stay on when I reset the code the light stays off as long as I stay off the highway and do city driving. But as soon as I get onto the expressway the light comes on. Don’t have the money to get it fixed about 800 bucks they say so my question to you is it really necessary to get it fixed. No noises.
Dual controlled air and heat .When you have air or heat on, the left vents have warm to hot air blowing while the right vents has cold air coming out.
I put a brand new battery in it so I'm trying to see if maybe it's a fuse or the crankshaft sensor
How do you pressure test the cooling system on a 2009 charger 3.5?
Something, just stop working
When i turn the key I hear two clicks. I had the starter tested which was okay. I also replaced the battery. I checked the ignition wire thats attched to solanoid with a circuit tester and found there wasnt current running through that wire. I checked the wire while turning the ignition. Could that be the ignition switch possibly? So when I try and start up I hear two clicks. About i week ago it started when i would turn off my car. id get i jump then the vwhicle would kick on for a day or two then it wouldnt start up again. After about a week it wouldnt start even with a jump. Now it wont crank up at all. All lights on dash light up when i turn the key. What could be my issue at this point?
When I turn right blinker on, inside dome lights go on. When I turn my headlight on, all my panel lights go off, I can;t see how fast I'm driving.

Gate ajar light wont turn off, and it is shut!
During snow storm last winter my 2002 olds bravada sputtered then stalled and now will not start . the info panel on the dash says security system does not recognize driver #1 key. It is the only key i have ever had for this vehicle since i bought it used 4 yrs ago. How do i go about fixing the problem. Has new battery and new alternator. Also replaced ignition coil pack #6 and ignition relay fuse. When i turn the key to start it almost wants to start but wont turn over the last little bit.
Battery checks fine, has a full tank of gas, starter hasn't made any nouce & cranks over smooth. It won't quite finish stating. A few times it almost started, but stalled immediately. Checked all fuses they look fine. Pull fuel line out of engine, cranked over it didn't draw any fuel. No leaks. Engine has been making noice when it'running up to speed but not when just idling. Faster you go the louder it seems. Had a mechanic check it when it started he said it was transmission but everything is shifting fine. It is due for transmission flush. Has over 100,000 miles on it and started fine every day until it wouldn't. Seem to drive normally just making that strange noise once your out on the road
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