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cold air blows from passenger side vents but hot air blows from drivers side vents. Where and how do you install the actuator valve?
I need to know how transmission fluid I need to do a transmission fluid change on my dodge RAM van 2500 engine size 5.9
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The TMP indicator light comes on and the key is hard to turn over to start, the dealership replaced the WCM but now 3 weeks later the same problems are occurring again. Is there an updated WCM to correct the problem or is there another issue?
All speakers are out except dash curious if if they are blown or perhaps it’s a fuse
I have owned my challenger for nearly 5 years and have put over 38,000 miles on it. I have always changed my own oil. This is my question, the oil change interval has never flashed or chimed during the whole time I have owned the car and I never reset it. Is it possible that something has been shut off in the computer say maybe the previous owner used a tuner etc? I thought it was a duty cycle system in the car. I always change the oil according to my manual 6 month or 6,000 miles. I am more curious than anything as why this function that it originally came from the manufacturer with never works.
Anyone know how to turn off auto park?
My truck keeps shutting off like it's running out of gas. The truck starts once then shuts off. Now it won't start.
It starts in the morning but whem i turn it off it doesnt wants to start again i have to start it spraying fish for mosquitos in the air cleaner
Compressor is engaging, no leaks in the Freon lines.blows slightly cool air on drivers side and hot air on passenger side.
My dash lights stay on after exiting the vehicle. I have it down to that the first door opened must be the first door closed but if any door is opened before the engine is shut off the lights stay on. In order to turn the lights off I turn the ignition on (but don't start it) and wait until the radio comes on and all the warning lights have gone through their cycle. Then turn off and exit works 90% of the time.
However I need to get this fixed ! Getting tired of waiting by the car until I can confirm dash lights are off otherwise return to dead car. Incidentally I have replaced the battery and the BCM. Figure itl's got to be a short somewhere.

Any ideas ?
I have a 2013 Dodge Dually and I need to put a 2018 Dodge Dually bed on it will they interchange.
We were traveling back from Charleston, S Carolina to Texas when AC decreased its pressure and coolness as we reached Alabama. Today we turn it back on and there’s a weird smell yet is blowing okay again. He checked for anything blocking the intake and didn’t see anything. We decided to not use it until the heat becomes too hot to handle on the rest of our journey. Any suggestions would be helpful. It is going to be a long trip home without AC tomorrow.
Radio, door locks and AC take turns not coming on. The radio and door locks the problem is rare but the AC is daily, I have a 2006 Dodge 2500 Diesel. Any idea what the issue may be??
A/c stops blowing cold at a stop or idle. Then starts blowing cooler air when gas pedal is pressed. Just started this 1 day ago
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