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I've seen all the posts about the clogged AC drain but I can't believe that is the source of my problem. It always happens after a heavy rain, I get about a gallon of water on the passenger side floorboard. I don't get any wetness when running the A/C. I've checked all seals around the front window and doors. I have also dissambled the plastic grill under the wipers and found the vent holes at the top of the firewall that go into the interior of the car. Here is my theory. During a heavy rain the water runs down the windshield and over the plastic vents under the wipers. This water is supposed to drain off along a tray just below the air vents on the firewall. The tray leads the water to a drain hole on each side of the car by the fenders. During a heavy rainfall the amount of water draining off the car is too much for the drains to handle and rainwater is backing up through the outside air vents. My question is if this is what is actually occuring, can that water make its way down through the ventilation ducting and leak out through foot register on the passenger side? Just worried if I test this I run the chance that I do get some water in the AC or blower and cause electrical damage. Does anyone know how the ducting runs on the interior of the car?
can oil leaking onto camshaft sensor cause malfunction the car hesitates at 2500 rpms
Camshaft sensor malfunction due to oil leaking onto the camshaft sensor. Problem is daily.
Ive done a tune up, And also I replaced my ignition coil pack.

can one slightly torn spark plug wire cause that issue?
The throttle position sensor is located on the throttle housing. Its got four wires on it in one connector and two bolts holding it in place. It can't just be "put on" it has to be adjusted.
the battery also dies every year. have had car for almost 3 years and have replaced 2 batteries. the the issue with keeping it running after the system reset, then after 2-4 weeks of stalling out every time it stops at light or sign or when it drops below 1000 rpm, it goes away. it also has an issue with pulling on the battery. add lights, pull then let go, add radio, pull and let go, add the a/c pull, pull, pull, die!
Started making this noise after i had my brakes done front and back done.
coming from the engine it makes the noise sometimes when i first start but mostly when driving and ideling and after i have been driving it for awhile.
and how much should i pay for an estimate on this problem.
found oil empty refilled found pin hole in filter changed filter changed crank sensor no spark has fuel any ideas
I need to know what would have been damaged or checked to buy the parts needed to put the whee back into the proper places so that i can use my car again.
off the plug I smelled and smelled a little like gas also when I drove this car for a test drive from the start I would floor the gas and the engine kept running at a high RPM I hot to throw it in park and shut off the car. I pumped the pedal and it went back to low RPM but this car has done this several times is it a linkage problem
Still on the obdII codes read p0135 & p0420 what could the problem be?...It cranks over no problem is when I let up off the gas it cuts off....why?
What else could it be the misfire is on cylinder 2 I've changed all coils and plugs and injector? The code I keep getting is PO302
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