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Pep Boys are checking on my car, they say it looks like the timing belt. My car is a 2005 dodge stratus sxt (vin # 1B3EL46X05N538752), I don't know if my car has an interference or non-interference engine, as they are telling me it may cost me over $3,000 to repair.

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power steering pump is defective. How do I remove and replace it without much difficulty.

This happens intermittingly at any time. The front end makes these sounds while driving at any speed.
I notice that the trim is loose and is broken in one areathat covers the front bumper. Fasteners are loose and some are missing. Could this be causing my problem and what do i do to correct it?

a fog horn sound in a 2002 stratus located under feet on passenger side what causes it?

Is it necessary to replace the climate control mechanism when you replace the heater blower motor resistor?

wheel fell to the left side last night while daughter was driving on the xpressway. Sparks flew and sumthing is leaking fluid.tow truck driver said it look like a broken tire rod. What does that cost to fix

My driverside brake light works until the headlights are turned on, then when the brake is depressed the brake light does not turn on. I have replaced the bulb correctly but still no luck.

Changed oil pressure switch but car is driving sluggish when a/c is on.

I need to replace the blower resistor, only works on #4. I need help finding where this resistor is located. Any help with detailed information or drawings would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

how do i go about removing and replacing alternator on a 1998 dodge stratus es

Hi: I have a 2002 Stratus 2.7 engine. Today kicked out a PO420 code, bank 1. No others. Talked to several local mechanics who all referred me to "Joe" who they considered to be an expert. I wanted to see if he could pin down if cat was bad, or bad O2 sensor. His normal diagnostic charge is $90 but he refused to do it, says would waste my money. He says this vehicle/engine, I have to go to dealer and have both converters and all 4 sensors replaced with factory parts. Says for this vehicle/engine, after market parts won't work. What say ye ? thanks, Mark

I have just replaced the water pump and put ti back together and ran it. it runs great but after ten min, a clapping noise started to happen. Timing marks were all on, there is no problem with the engine, however i did put the end of a coat hanger in the tensioner the get the oil out and reset the tensioner, i may have damaged the little ball valve at the end of the tensioner? If the valve is not working what doe's that do to the tensioner, not shur if thats the problem or not like i said the engine runs good!!

fan and air conditioning control only works on level four: full blast

my car is running hard and the noise like car door is open keep going off while i am driving. i have a engine light on as well.

just need to know location of crankshaft sensor?

Diagnostic codes p0134 and p0154. I would like to know the locations of bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1.

is the 2000 dodge stratus an interference engine

for a while now ive noticed a faint knocking coming from the underneath of my dodge stratus. only on idling but it becomes rapid on acceleration. what could be causing this?

I want to know to get to the back plugs on my v6

looking through some similar questions that were answered, my question. if i take the spark plug out with oil in the tube and the oil falls in the hole, is that a problem?

I want to know how to get to the spark plugs towawrds the firewall.

i recieved a diagnostic code from autozone it stated i need a engine coolant sensor, check coolant level, or defected thermostat i checked the coolant level it was fine and i had the thermostat replaced so there's noting left but the sensor where does it go

the sunroof stopped working and im tryin to get it fixed i think i blew a fuse and ive checked them.they seem all good but i know i blew a fuse. am i looking in the right fuse spot?

i have a puddle of water under passenger seat and passenger side back floor

was running good, shut off, tried to restart and would not start. tried jumping it off, would not start. tested battery and it was good, thinking it may be the starter, where is the starter located on a 3.0?

I have no power in the wire that feed the ac compressor

how to replace starter

My cars makes a grinding noise only when I make a sharp turn to the right or left that sounds like it is coming from around the wheel. What could bethe problem?