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there's tsb #0801405 cold start problem reset engine lite and u start next morning lite goes on again what do i replace??
I have 1998 dodge stratus with a 2.5 engine that makes a loud rattling noise upon start up but then goes away immediately. It runs good for abot 20-30 minutes and then the engine starts to get hot (but not fully over heating) and then a valve train ratting type noise starts. I was told by a couple people that it was the oil pump, but after removing the oil pump and examining it did not appear to be worn or defective. Is it the oil pump or is it something else?
ive replaced pluggs 02 sensors but it must be something else because lite keeps comming on next cold start?while u drive hot everything is fine its only on cold start doesn't seem to effect the power and won't miss but on idle?what can it be but vacuum leak???ty for ur answer
i get a code p0304 co2 sensors have been changed plugs also if u reset code it comes back on cold start so i would guess its vacuum leak??
After driving for a little while not brake related sound
when checking it out i have no pulse on that injector found bad wiring an replaced it an still same thing so on to replacing pcm with a reman an still same thing did i get a bad reman pcm or am i still over looking something any info to this would help
I changed the starter checked fuses and relays I have power to the whole car including the starter but it won't spin but when I jump the selinoid on the starter it spins can't somebody please help me I been fighting with this car
but no dash lights come on any clues why this may do this have it at the machcanics and he is not sure hes going to try putting in a crank shaft sensor tomarrow but hes not sure if its that he gets no reading on his machine
I took it to shop and they don't normally work on ac..they said u had to take the motor out, but I can't see having to do that. Can anyone tell me how to fix myself. My drivers side floorboard fills with water.
i have a humming noise coming from the rear of my car and it even does it when the key is turned but the car hasn't been started i believe it is the fuel pump but i do not know where it is located it does not hum all of the time as well
I have replaced all my hoses, my thermostat, and overflow tank the head gasket is fine what else could It be ?
I've seen all the posts about the clogged AC drain but I can't believe that is the source of my problem. It always happens after a heavy rain, I get about a gallon of water on the passenger side floorboard. I don't get any wetness when running the A/C. I've checked all seals around the front window and doors. I have also dissambled the plastic grill under the wipers and found the vent holes at the top of the firewall that go into the interior of the car. Here is my theory. During a heavy rain the water runs down the windshield and over the plastic vents under the wipers. This water is supposed to drain off along a tray just below the air vents on the firewall. The tray leads the water to a drain hole on each side of the car by the fenders. During a heavy rainfall the amount of water draining off the car is too much for the drains to handle and rainwater is backing up through the outside air vents. My question is if this is what is actually occuring, can that water make its way down through the ventilation ducting and leak out through foot register on the passenger side? Just worried if I test this I run the chance that I do get some water in the AC or blower and cause electrical damage. Does anyone know how the ducting runs on the interior of the car?
can oil leaking onto camshaft sensor cause malfunction the car hesitates at 2500 rpms
Camshaft sensor malfunction due to oil leaking onto the camshaft sensor. Problem is daily.
Ive done a tune up, And also I replaced my ignition coil pack.

can one slightly torn spark plug wire cause that issue?
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