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I just want to unclog the drain line..where is it located
Been checking salvage for another dash pad assy.for my '03 Stratus Coupe.
zero luck.
It has warped 10 times worse than I've ever seen before. So any ideas on where to get one. Used is fine....if one can be found.
Serms the condenser is dirty
also checked all fuses and relays
went to go somewhere, my windows, a/c, sunroof, not working, and the air bag light is on, this happen all at once
idles good rev it up a few times and car dies
Steady display.
The bulb has been changed but still no contact. All other lights work. The brake light on the passehger side is not working but the tail light is real bright and it is a new bulb.
Engine won't crank or start
2 read .4 ohms, 2 read 300 ohms
Car over heating
the belt broke while my frriend was driving home from work would like to know how to put it in and the timeing marks are at
My cars gear shift isnt locking into a specific gear. I can move it from "D"rive to "N"eutral while driving & vise versa. Also, my gear shift won't go to the "L" shift AT ALL! -
- My AC turns on and than doesn't blow cold air a few mins later than again it will come on sometimes staying on others not. & its sporadic throughout the day.
1999 Dodge Stratus 2.0 Liter Engine ,Base Model. Car crank's over but will no start. Changed the Map Sensor , Changed Crank Sensor , Checked the Serpentine Belt in great condition made sure it was lined up on the mark, Car has plenty of fuel pressure 50lbs, Checked Spark plugs and changed Spark plug wires. Changed Crank Sensor, Engine Compression is great 150 lbs on all cylinders.. New Coil. Put fuel down the throttle body and vehicle won't start. Checked EGR valve , took off new catalytic converter and would not start and got no back pressure. 2 week old oxygen sensors. All rubber hoses for vacuum okay. Old Fart Driving it 1960's Mechanic. What's the Problem !?!.
Starts fine,once I try to press gas it starts hesatating and runs rich,and shuts off
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