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How much does it cost o replace the A frame
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when you turn the car on it works like a 5 cylinder and there is a lot of smoke in the exhaust and a strong smell of gasoline
I have replaced spark plugs, ignition coils, distributor, spark plug wires, MAF. It idles fine but when I try to maintain a speed in any gear it bucks like crazy, but when I step on it it goes away until I level off again. Was giving me this problem for a month or so and would also shut off after about 45 mins of driving, then it went away all of a sudden. Then out of the blue it returned. Please help! Thanks.
So I have a 92 stealth rt and my 3 and 6 coil pack aint firing I replaced my ecu and ptu idk what else to do. And my blower motor only eorks if I hold it upside down and tap it
Greetings: Our '92 Stealth has the non-turbocharged DOHC V6, and front wheel drive. Presently, the car has an "intermittent" symptom of a miss. The car had some other problems recently, and we have been making progress with the replacement of the following, over thte last month or two: water pump; timing belt and tensioner; spark plugs; ignition wires; coil pack; and all motor mounts(since the old ones were shot). Compression was checked, and was around 195 to 205 on all cylinders. The EGR valve responds to a manually applied vacuum. The fuel injectors were cleaned. The fuel pressure regulator was replaced. The fuel filter has around 36K miles on it. The car still has the steady miss, typically after it warms up a few minutes, and the check engine light comes on. (I don't have a code reader for this early OBD system). The car has around 139K miles on it. Any ideas as to what else might cause an intermittent miss? There is no knocking or clicking when the miss occurs. Thanks in advance...
I am just wondering as I get different responses from people Thanks
runs fine with no check engine light being trigerd but just dies n wont start,turns over fine other then the rpm gauge jumps to 6000 n dont start but after sitting it will start n the rpm when cranking dont go over 1200rpm any help would be great

Developed leak from transmission, not sure where the fill plug is nor have I found the leak yet, fluid indicator coming on dash (looks like a square little house with four lines running vertical inside the box), not sure what the indicator means either, theartoftrees@hotmailcom
Where is the camshaft position sensor located at?part #CASE605
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