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so when you drive the van it sounds terrible, there's a certain shuttering and rumbling as you traverse up through the gears and holding a certain speed will maintain the same rumble or shutter. What is the problem? and will a transmission rebuild make this go away
Replaced 3 starters, all cables, ECM and Ignition and steering lock sent to SOS shop, all checked ok. New battery, still no crank. Please help. Vehicle's done this before, but always started sometimes in ten minutes, sometimes in 2 to 3 days. Been over month now, no dealers within 243 miles.
transmission will not shift out of first.
Hi, how do I resolve an error code P2527? It's on a 2005 Dodge Sprinter 3500 with a 2.7L engine. Thanks!
lights work on vehicle but not on trailer. tail and turn work on trailer but not brake lights. used tester and same results. Owners manual does not identify a fuse or relay for brakes. ??
are they different? where is a scematic showing which lines go together? I have tank out and mixed up on conections.
I know where the leak is coming from, but I do not know what it is called. its the circular object at the front of the engine to the right of the red oil check wand. it is not letting me put in a link but here are the steps to see the picture: search in google images :dodge sprinter 2006 engine"
-click on the first picture, you can only see part of the piece as its being blocked by a few hoses, but if you click on the related images, you can see a better representation of it.

Start - flashes to error. Glow plug light does not turn off. All warning lights stay on.
Abs sensors replaced-speedometer still not working-does vehicle require scan to reset abs system? ABS ,engine, ASR and ESP warning lamps are on and transmission operates only in second gear and reverse. Shift very abrupt when changing to forward or reverse. What should be cost for resetting computer?
What is the location of the camshaft sensor ?
I had a bad smell coming from my air system too. When I changed the fresh air filter (under the hood) I noticed mud at the bottom of the air filter compartment. OH! This can't be right! Using a long screwdriver and a narrow paint scraper, I found about 1-inch of mud and gunk in the bottom. Further cleaning, I discovered there is a drain with a rubber outlet that had gotten clogged. A thorough cleaning in front of and behind the filter solved the problem. A shot of Febreze helped too. You could probably hang an air freshener from the filter if you like.
My Sprinter refused to start. It cranked just fine and I tried this several times in rapid succession. Weather and temperature was not a factor. Had it hauled to nearest dealer ($75) where dealer attempted to FLASH the ECM ($250). Now dealer tells me the ECM is dead and a new one will cost $1.700 and the install with all other work performed so far will run me $2,200! I found a repair facility in Victor, NY that claims they will repair my bad ECM for $450 in one day, give it a Lifetime Warranty and ship it back in 1-day! The outfit is called ​KLEIN BOTTLE COMPUTER. Has anyone heard of them or used them? Here's the site ...

I have 2 of these. Both are converted to box trucks and both of them have massive battery drain with the switch off. Cutting the switch off will stop the engine and turn off the radio but everything else keeps going and almost all of the fuses stay hot. I've pulled out the few relays and they have no effect. Botj trucks will run a fully charged battery down in a matter of minutes.

Could there be another fusr box beside the one on the side of the seat and the one under the dash that has all the relays. It seems kinda weird that it only has 3 relays for everything.
after i shut eng off i have trans as usuall but go back to lower gear is my trans bad or the tcm?
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