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My 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 won't get out of Limp mode. It will temporarily reset, operate normal for a minute after stopping and restarting, but it goes right back into limp mode. My mechanic says it's the Turbo Pressure Control Valve. He said it cannot be replaced and that my only fix is to replace the whole turbo system. Does anyone know if:
1. the valve itself can be fixed or removed and replaced?
2. there is anyway to bypass the turbo so it can operate at a normal(ish) speed?
3. there is an alternative to R&R'ing the whole turbo system?
Thank you!
Driver parks van, engine running shifted into park, van starts reversing with nobody at the wheel. This has happened twice in the last 3 months.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not driving the van, it is safer
How long have you had this problem? 3 mos
when the van gets up past 40 mph, the entire van starts shaking very bad
All other electrical works in the van
van battery drains after it sits for 2 days. second new battery. i installed a shut off switch to get by for now.
shop cant figure it out after 3 trips in there. what relay could be powered while van is just sitting there for days.?? glow plug heater???
code 1900
turbo gone out I think
I do not know what happened I went to the different Mechanic included delers and they give me many diferent diagnostics like transmission, gas pedal sensor, etc.
is there a dip stick or just the filler tube?
the dodge dealer repair man was able to open but I can not get it to top up.
Will be in limp mode until you pull off and drive at city speeds, or turn engine off for A few mins and restart
Also I replaced a headlight and it only works with the lights turned on?
Rear air won't work on full cold works on hot and cycles if turned to first few notches of cold. Freon level is good front air blows cold.rear evap temp reads 68 degrees ferinhiet on scanner
After driving with the engine hot and then letting the turbo cool down a bit before shutdown. On restart get check engine lite and it's always been p2339. Clears easily but recurs often. What could I check in real data? A hidden turbo circuit problem? MAF problem?
The coolant light comes on soon after start up and wont go off. The high oil pressure light comes on & off intermittently & in a pretty random fashion but seems to stay off at lower speeds. No leaks anywhere engine sounds ok.
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