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i was told its due to s discontinued relay but i cant find anything like that online
On occasion .1 out of 50 tries when you force key as hard as you can it might momentarily engage starter
Replaced starter but still same sound when starting
The solenoid is operational and something in the injector pump is not allowing it to function properly. I am wondering what I can do to repair the problem. I have tried cleaning and lubing the shaft and it worked for a while but acts up after a while.
History; engine light "on", alternator was not charging, replaced. Still not charging, battery checked out o.k.; voltage regulator inside computer possibly b.o. Replaced computer, now engine turns over but doesn't start; does computer need to be relearned and how?
Can I mix Regular 134a with 134a synthetic ?
AAmco gave me a laundry list of things needed to fix my tranny.

1. Torque converter
2. Overdrive planetary and sun gear as well as sprang.
3. clutch drum
4. output shaft and support
5. master overhaul kit
6. intermediate sprang
7. band
8. bushing and washers

what can i expect to pay for this, and where can i find the parts cheap. or a used tranny(8-318)5.2 litre 4sp

This van has 131k and i paid 1200 for it. this is the only thing wrong with this car, so i would like to fix it asap.

somebody please tell me where to go and what to do.
my van has problems shifting fom park to reverse, and makes a strange rattling noise at higher rpms. what could this be?
Recently, my alternator died. I'm going to replace it, but I can't get the belt that surrounds the alternator loosened. I got the main bolts and nuts off the alternator and the electrical connections. Now I just think I have to pull it out of its housing, but need to loosen belt first. I don't know where or how to loosen belt.
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