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Put new alternator and battery and external voltage regulator and battery temperature sensor and will not stay or charge at all
Aside from the motor and transmission are any electrical or interior components interchangeable?
There is no retraction power in one of the rear seat belts.
I was driving on the highway and found that the transmission was not going into 4th gear. What would cause this?
on the next fill up attempt, after driving about 160 miles on the homeward leg, I could get only 3 gallon in when the gas pump clicked off. The gas was full to the brim of the fill tube and not going down. I drove it home. Some days later I tried again, it took 13 gallon to fill, all seemed A-OK. Any ideas? Next time I might not be only 20 miles from home.
I am supposing a dead short in my ignition system I also wanted to inspect for a bad link to explain why she won't crank. I had a recent issue that fried the cam sensor, and several wires in the fuel injector harness as well as the park/neutral connector.
This problem first appeared when I went out to start the vehicle. The column shifter and key were stuck in lock...I pulled the ignition switch and freed the column and key, still no start. Relay noise but dead silence, otherwise. Accessories and lighting all are good. Replaced ignition switch, still in warrantee, still no start.I tested park/neutral switch. it failed. replaced it after testing new switch to verify it, still failed. In the course of this process I uncovered the wires to the connector on the switch and found 1/2 " of insulation gone on all three. I replaced the connector but still have no continuity in the installed switch. There is power to the switch when key is in start and run. Alternator, starter, solenoid, all good but, it turns out that the coil shows no conductivity from primary to secondary side, the cap is burned inside and shows no conductivity through the center lead, but all contacts a black. The rotor is fried, wires good. There is no power to the solenoid with ignition at start position. Check engine light is coming on, as well as Generator Light, the gauges drops off scale but that doesn't say much with the engine not running. Does check engine light being present mean ECM is OK? what is most likely source here?
On a 1997 Dodge Stratus, when I try to get access to the upstream oxygen sensor from above or below, there is very little room to move a ratchet or breaker bar. Are there parts that must be removed to get enough access to remove it.(Such as axle, etc??)?? Also, is there a way to make the sensor looser. It is really hard to try to turn.
If it has a choke, where will I find it?
Van starts fine when engine is cold. When it warms up, the starter cranks really well, but engine will not take off.
Turns over just fine. After 5-30 minutes of waiting starts up.
Just replaced coil & fuel pump & no change.
I replaced starter, cat converter, oil change, trans oil change, tune up, new battery, clean cables.
Can someone let me know what specific brand/part to buy as there are so many online. My father-in-law asked me to buy: a water pump, fan belt, and belt tensioner. Thanks.
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