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It was jerking and felt like it slipped out of gear and now will not go in even after adding 2 quarts of fluid

Have also replaced spark plug wires. I'm tired of replacing random parts guys tell me to buy. No "check engine" light. What now?

1985 dodge van B350 5.9L

My van is a 1988 i had my automatic transmission rebuilt and now when im on the freeway it seems like its in 2nd instead of drive. its revving high and putting out alot more heat. They said its a three speed transmission and its fine. what else can cause it to rev like its in 2nd? it shifts 2 times. something is not right cause it never sounded like that before. also how can you go 65 miles an hour in 3rd gear?

fuel pump will not start donot have any voltage @the pump. just install pump

New fuel pump, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and relay switch - getting good crank when starting - when it stops running it doesn't always start up right away

did put in new coil

I have a 1993 Dodge B350 15 passenger van, and I'm trying to find out which other Dodge models can be used to "swap" transmissions. I've heard that you can tell the specs by certain digits in the VIN but I don't know the code... Can anyone help me identify which type of transmission I need and the models which are similar?

How do i fix it?

I had codes 34-53-34-75-5 I had a spare ECU and changed it ,took test drive about 20 miles everything was fine the next day same codes but when I pulled it into the garage the check engine light went out and it started to run better???? I know it is an intermittent problem and I know I should not get code 75 or just a 5 any suggestions on what is loose or broken ????

Also after the wreck that caused this a loud noise is made when the wheel is turned. Is my van done for ?

I have a 92 dodge 14 passenger van and the front disc brakes heat up and lock up what could be the problem?

What could be the problem ?

Was running then it does it was low on gas so I thought it ran out of gas but it didn't it wasn't firing

I have cold air blowing out the back vents and warm air blowing out the front. Does that mean my front evaporator is not working?

I have cold air blowing out the back vents and warm air blowing out the front. Does that mean my front evaporator is not working?